When is Rey Mysterio going to return to WWE after suffering injuries from Santos Escobar attack?

Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio has had a rough run of it, and just lately he underwent surgery again. The good news is that he will most likely be well in time for WrestleMania 40. His knee injury caught fans off guard, but he had successful surgery and will be back in action shortly.

Rey reported on Instagram that Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Alabama conducted the operation, and he’s already on the path to recovery. Meanwhile, many have been guessing about how long the ex-US champion would be sidelined from ring appearances.

When is Rey Mysterio going to make his WWE comeback?

The LWO member Santos Escobar assaulted his partner Rey Mysterio on Friday’s WWE SmackDown. After Rey’s loss of the United States Championship to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, fellow LWO member Carlito blamed Escobar for the loss. Today, Rey announced on social media that the assault and his absence from TV were caused by successful knee surgery in Birmingham.

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Rey has been suffering from a torn meniscus for approximately three months, and according to Haus of Wrestling, the injury has only gotten worse. Rather than have knee surgery, he decided to lose the title to Paul as part of the beatdown angle instead. Rey is anticipated to return to competition with Escobar after a six to eight weeks rehabilitation period. Meanwhile, he’s planning to get even with Santos Escobar for attacking him after he lost the U.S. Championship match to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel.

If all goes according to plan, Rey will be ready for the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 40. He defeated his son, Dominik, at WrestleMania 39. After that, they went different ways, with Rey bolstering LWO on SmackDown and Dominik hooking up with The Judgment Day on Raw.

Santos Escobar comments on betraying Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio’s defeat against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel was made more difficult by Santos Escobar’s interference. The United States Championship was Paul’s third time using brass knucks. The LWO members’ displeasure with Escobar’s actions might turn him into a heel. On WWE SmackDown on November 10th, Escobar turned on Mysterio and the LWO, assaulting the Hall of Famer.

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In response to Rey’s offer of assistance, Escobar slammed Rey’s leg on the ring post. Escobar tweeted that Rey had made a bad decision and that SmackDown now belonged to him. The LWO split was finalized on that Friday night.

How excited are you for Santos Escober’s upcoming heel run, given that his rivalry with Rey Mysterio is starting to heat up? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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