“We both made a mistake”: Logan Paul explains the truth behind Rey Mysterio’s botched move at WWE Crown Jewel 2023

On November 4, at Crown Jewel, Logan Paul competed in his eighth WWE bout and won the WWE United States Championship by beating Rey Mysterio. Not only did he win the championship, but he also gained a lot of respect for avoiding an injury that might have been very devastating for Mysterio. 

Even though Paul has been lauded by fans and critics alike for his actions, he remains modest about the praise he has received, saying that he may have saved Mysterio’s life but doesn’t desire too much attention.

Logan Paul opens up on Rey Mysterio’s mishap

After overcoming a legend to win the US championship, Logan Paul’s latest victory will go down in history. Logan utilized brass knuckles, which had previously belonged to Santos Escobar, to defeat his opponent and claim the title. The next week on SmackDown, Escobar assaulted Mysterio and then threatened him over social media not to return.

Logan Paul
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During the fight, Logan made a spectacular save to save Rey from hitting his skull. Logan was hailed as a hero by WWE fans for “saving” the legend. Things weren’t what they appeared, Logan said afterward. On second thought, that seamless transition was even more stunning. Logan implied in his podcast that he shared responsibility for the riskiness of the maneuver. Despite any misgivings, it remains astonishing how Paul effectively managed the issue to assure Mysterio’s safety.

He said, “I think I also almost killed Rey Mysterio, I think I was too far back for the move & I think he didn’t clear enough ground for the move, that’s what happened like…I was too far back & he didn’t clear enough ground we both made a mistake & I had to catch him & I wasn’t gonna not catch him so like truthfully while I like the headlines & I like being gassed up like this, I was just doing my job.”

Logan Paul explains what the US Championship means to him

Logan Paul flaunted his title belt in some controversial social media posts after he had already celebrated his victory. A listener on his podcast, IMPAULSIVE, recently asked him to explain the significance of his championship belt. Paul’s answer was sincere since he saw it as a badge of honor and faith in his abilities as an artist. 

Logan Paul
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He put the lie to the widespread belief that the WWE just hands out the championship belt, explaining that it is a symbol of the company’s confidence in the champion. Paul emphasized the uniqueness of his achievement by noting the abundance of WWE superstars. He said, “To me, it’s a symbol of accomplishment and trust in the craft and the human.”

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