When will Justin Fields return to action? Examining the medical situation surrounding Bears QB

Justin Fields, the No. 11 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft had a rocky NFL start. He played incredibly well in the start and then his performance became average. On top of that, the quarterback also got injured. He dislocated his right thumb in Week 6, causing him to miss the last three games.

The QB hasn’t been placed on injured reserve, leading to speculation about his future with the Bears. If Justin Fields doesn’t return soon, his future with the Bears can become doubtful.

Justin Fields injury update

Justin Fields, who was considered next Jalen Hurts by the team has been working to recover but hasn’t yet received medical clearance to play. Despite being limited in practice, Fields didn’t play in the recent Thursday night game against the Carolina Panthers

“He is progressing every day,” head coach Matt Eberflus said Wednesday of Fields. “He is not medically cleared yet.”

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His progress is being closely monitored, and it was shared that he is recovering fast. Despite the injury, the QB wasn’t placed on injured reserve, leaving him eligible to return whenever he’s deemed healthy enough to play. But he can only return after he is medically cleared. Considering he is not medically cleared yet, his return for Week 10 seems uncertain.

Analyst casts doubt over Bears QB’s future with the franchise

Justin Fields’ return remains uncertain for Week 10, but there are also growing doubts about his long-term future as the Bears’ quarterback, especially given his recent performance and the ongoing injury concern. Recently, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky also expressed skepticism about Fields’ future with the Chicago Bears, suggesting it’s unlikely Fields will remain with the team in the 2024 season.

“It’s hard to envision Justin Fields as a Chicago Bear in 2024,” Orlovsky said. “It’s hard to see how he’s a Bear next season. The season started poorly, then he started to play better, and then the injury happened. “

Orlovsky highlighted the challenge Fields faces in proving himself as the Bears’ future quarterback, especially considering his earlier struggles in the season and the recent injury. The analyst believes that it is impossible for Fields to return with the Bears in any condition. 

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“He’s going to have a six- or seven-week window to say two things to Chicago. One, I should be a Bear next season. And then two, don’t use that really early draft pick… on a quarterback. It’s almost impossible – given the situation – to try to do that if you’re Justin Fields.”

His doubts aren’t wrong considering the ongoing situation. But if the quarterback recovers soon he can make a comeback and prove his doubters wrong.

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