Lamar Jackson doesn’t mind stepping on his likeliness after fan gifts Ravens QB with Lamar Jackson rug

There’s no doubt that the NFL has the craziest fans in the sports world. Recently, at an Eagles game, fans went to the extreme of getting married at the team’s tailgate. The Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson also had a similar crazy fan moment. Last week, during the Baltimore Ravens’ 37-3 blowout over the Seattle Seahawks, Lamar Jackson received a unique gift from a fan. While gifting upholstery to players is an unprecedented move, you can expect anything from NFL fans.

Lamar Jackson receives customized carpet from a fan

A fan brought a custom-made rug shaped in the likeness of Lamar Jackson to a Baltimore Ravens game. 

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During the game, a staff member came to the quarterback and told him that a fan had brought a rug for him, to which the quarterback got very excited. He looked at the fan and rug and his immediate response was that he wanted that rug.

“I want that. I want that. Yeah, I want that. I want that. Tell his a**, I want that damn carpet!” 

This gesture of the quarterback showing excitement for the unique fan gift went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter), and fans enjoyed it a lot. It’s unusual in most industries to present a life-sized mat of a person, but in football, it’s celebrated. Fans loved this interaction but were worried about where that rug ended up. Well, we know where it is now.

Jackson made room for the coveted rug

Lamar Jackson, who is expected to steal the MVP honors from Patrick Mahomes, has put the precious gift from the fan in his room. After the game he expressed the desire for the rug, mentioning he hadn’t realized it was meant for him initially. “I’m like, ‘Hell yeah, I want it,’” he said.

The QB shared that he made sure that the rug reached him by saying, “Just tell [the fan] to make sure he puts it in the locker room or something, or give it to you (a Ravens staffer),” Jackson recounted. “That’s all it was. I guess the mic’d up made it bigger than it was.”

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The QB then praised the rug’s quality and mentioned placing it in his bedroom, where his daughter enjoys playing on it. Fans who were wondering where that rug ended up, don’t worry; it’s in Lamar Jackson’s room. Overall, it was a nice gesture from the QB to honor the fan’s gift by placing it in his house. This incident proved that the QB is not only an exceptional player but also a great human being.

The fan who gave Lamar Jackson the rug is reported to be in the same business and his company is now getting a crazy amount of orders. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a customized rug made in their likeness?

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