Eagles fans engage in matrimony within the confines of parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field

The Philadelphia Eagles have some of the most passionate sports fans in America, and they are known to get rowdy in support of their team. But this time two particular fans of the team have left everyone stunned.

It happened just before an important Eagles game against the Cowboys on Sunday. Their special gesture left a strong impression on the city, showing just how much people in Philadelphia care about their sports teams, especially the Eagles.

Eagles fans marry in Lincoln Financial Field parking lot

People celebrate their weddings on ocean sides or hilltops. But when it seems Eagles fans love to do it differently.

On Sunday, November 5, a Philadelphia-based couple Brooke Rittner and Rob Rittner decided to get married right before the Eagles-Cowboys game during the tailgate at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Instead of wearing the traditional gown and suit, the bride and groom were spotted in the team’s jerseys. The guests were also in the jerseys.

The bride carried a bow of green flowers and wore a green veil with a jersey. She was also wearing the team’s logo earrings. The man who officiated the wedding was wearing a Kelly Green Eagles jersey. 

The couple said “I do” in front of many Eagles fans and started chanting “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!”

Later, the couple shared that they enjoyed their wedding and loved the experience. “This has been just such an amazing day. It’s been awesome,” Brooke Rittner said. 

But they had to face problems as the parking area was blocked because of the crowd and were getting many calls. Brooke shared that her mom had to run for her wedding. 

“Like, my mom was like, ‘I need to get to my daughter’s wedding’ and like, somebody like, literally, like, parked her car and like, ran her over here.”

The two players, former CB Lito Sheppard and former WR Fred Barnett also attended the wedding and posed for the pictures.

The way Brooke and Rob chose their wedding day to express their love for the team is a testament to the love fans have for the Eagles. Their iconic wedding will always be remembered.

Connection between Jason Kelce’s birthday and the marriage

5th November wasn’t only special because the team played against the Cowboys and Rob and Brooke tied the knot, but it was also Eagles star Jason Kelce‘s birthday. Jason celebrated his 36th birthday on Sunday. 

The couple also honored Kelce’s birthday as the bride wore Kelce’s jersey and on the RV behind them had written, “Happy Birthday Jason Kelce! Happy Wedding Day Brooke & Rob! Rittner’s Tailgate Wedding 11.05.23.”

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Apparently, the reason Rob and Brooke chose to get married on 5th November wasn’t only because of the game but also because it was Jason’s birthday. The couple also received the matching sets of jerseys autographed by Jason for his 36th birthday. 

This special day ended with the Eagles winning the game against the Cowboys, adding to the festivities of the occasion.

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