Which is worth more: NBA or NFL? comparing two of biggest American sports

Both NBA and NFL are dominating the world’s basketball and football sensations for many years. And both of the leagues have their own solid fan base. These two are perfect in their own areas and comparing them would be like comparing an orange with a mango as they are different from every apparent corner.

However, as fans of the leagues often ponder on which is worth more, let’s explore NFL or NBA for monetary value.

Which League Makes More Money, NFL or NBA?

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NFL and NBA have their own way of making revenue. For NBA, per year 1,230 matches are arranged while the NFL conducts only 256 games in every regular season.

In terms of numbers, NBA occupies a bigger portion but the numbers don’t define its worth. In spite of having fewer games per year, the football league makes more money.

For example, in the year 2022, NFL made net revenue of 18 billion while that number is $10 billion for NBA.

Which Makes More Money – the Super Bowl or the NBA Playoffs?

Super Bowl makes huge amounts of dollars compared to NBA Playoffs and the difference between the numbers is quite large. Super Bowl 2023 made a revenue of $600 million while for NBA, its 2022 Playoff Pool only generated around $27.5 million.

Which Teams Are Worth More, NFL or NBA?

Undoubtedly, NFL teams are worth more than NBA teams. Each NFL team’s average worth is around $2.5 billion while only 5 to 6 NBA teams have so far crossed the level of 2 billion. Apart from that, in terms of overall franchise values, the NFL teams are currently worth more than NBA teams. According to Forbes’ 2021 rankings, the average value of an NFL team is $3.48 billion, while the average value of an NBA team is $2.2 billion. However, it’s worth noting that the NBA has seen significant growth in recent years, with many teams experiencing a surge in value.

What Is the Average NFL Salary Compared to the Average NBA Salary?

An NFL rookie earns up to $365,000 per year although they have chances to earn more with bonuses, incentives, and other facilities. Additionally, an NBA rookie makes $838,464 in his first year which eventually gets bigger in the following years.

There might be differences between the two leagues when comparing them from a financial viewpoint. But both of the league shares an adjacent place in the hearts of thousands of American. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section.

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