Which one is hottest celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo being thirsted on by? Exploring CR7 relationship with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez now

Cristiano Ronaldo is such a player who is blessed with both talents and killer charms at the same time which is why young girls can’t take their eyes off when the legendary football player makes his way to the grounds. And don’t get surprised to hear that even the biggest female celebrities also find their names in the queue of Ronald’s fan list.

So, let’s explore the list of celebrities who have a crush on the footballer and how that affects Ronaldo’s relationship with his girlfriend.

Which one is hottest celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo being thirsted on by?

Here comes the name of some of the biggest mega-stars who have a crush on Ronaldo-

  • Rihanna

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This Barbadian singer was in the headlines for her intimate togetherness with Ronaldo. Although, they are still good friends, the singing sensation can’t deny her weakness for the dashing man.

  • Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's New Album 'This Is Me … Now' Arrival Season Revealed –  Billboard

This American actress and her cousin jointly had a crush on Ronaldo and she couldn’t hide her excitement whenever she gets to meet the soccer star live.

  • Kim Kardashian

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This famous model stole away the hearts of thousands of the man around the world with her ravishing looks and enticing physique but she lost her own heart to Ronaldo.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Georgina Rodriguez in crisis?

Cristiano Ronaldo is in a serious relationship with the Argentina-born social media influencer, Georgian Rodriguez for a long time. And the couple shares three biological children with each other born out of wedlock. Over the years, the pair established an epitome of a perfect couple and they are considered to be the most adored pair in the sporting world.

After the footballer and his family moved to Saudi Arabia followed by Ronaldo’s joining Al-Nassr, there were rumors of the couple’s ongoing tension. However, close acquaintances of the family said that these are just rumors and the couple is doing well and thinking about holding their wedding ceremony soon.

Perhaps, it is Ronaldo who occupies the top position among the hottest footballer in the world. And it is pretty obvious that he is going to hold onto his position for the upcoming decades as well. On the field, he is winning hearts with his extraordinary athletics while off the field, his charming personality reigns over the souls of stunning women.

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