Cristiano Ronaldo hotels chain: Exploring various properties owned by Portugues star

Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Real Madrid talisman footballer, has expanded his business ventures by investing in the hospitality industry, owning several luxury hotels under the brand name CR7.

It is hard to identify one key skill in this Portuguese footballer as he has excelled in all of the areas including dribbling, tricking opponents, controlling defenders, and running with the speed of the wind.

Ronaldo’s exceptional qualities and determination made him one of the richest footballers in the world with a net worth of $500 million. Moreover, this five Ballon d’Or owner is a smart investor who has made the best use of his money in profitable areas that adds more income to his wallet.

So, it is time to explore how many hotels the footballer owns and where are they situated.

How many hotels Cristiano Ronaldo has?

Cristiano Ronaldo hotel opens in New York: Travel Weekly

Cristiano Ronaldo has five hotels under the brand name “The Pestana CR7”. The hotel chains are situated in Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Madeira, and Marrakech, Morocco. His hotel chains are very luxurious and elegant in design which is why the establishments are collecting praise since their initiation.

The establishment rules and regulations are quite the same for his hotels across the world. The chains charge an amount of £158 to £372 per night which is a premium range. There are 174 rooms in the hotels each filled with modern amenities.

As for some enchanting facilities, there are a huge commercial space, gym, business center, pool, and also a lavish clinic for customer soundness.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Madrid hotel to open on June 7 | Marca

How Ronaldo created his CR7 Brand?

The footballer’s on-field perfection reflects in his CR7 brand which provides exciting adventures to its customers. As the footballer has a huge fan following on his social media platforms, it was easier for him to promote his hotels to the world through his well-wishers.

Collaborating with the Pestana group, this Al Nassr player founded his hotel chains under the brand name Pestana CR7. As per the report, the athlete and the group each hold 50% ownership of the brand.

The empire that Ronaldo has created outside his professional career will indeed eat up the biggest bite of his after-retirement time. And observing their features and architectural beauty, it seems his business ventures are capable of throwing challenges to the renowned brands of the world as well.

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