Who is Jannik Sinner’s current partner after rumored breakup with his ex-girlfriend Maria Braccini?

Often in tennis, it is the better half who proves to be the support for a player to perform well on the court. From Mirka Federer to Alexis Ohanian, several WAGS and boyfriends have cheered on their counterparts from the stands.

For Jannik Sinner, a player who is in his early 20s and is extremely private about his personal life, the media has often speculated who the Italian’s girlfriend is. With him performing exceptionally well in the Nitto ATP Finals, where he defeated Novak Djokovic and qualified for the semi-finals, the camera often pans into the 22-year-old’s private box to figure out his significant other.

Who is Jannik Sinner’s current partner?

Maria Braccini is an Italian lady who is rumoured to be Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend. However, things are not as apparent as they seem, owing to Sinner’s highly private lifestyle.


For one, Maria was seen during the Wimbledon championships, where Sinner reached the semi-final. It was then speculated that the two broke up and Maria has since been referred to as Sinner’s ex-girlfriend by the media. And this is where things get interesting.

Sinner was rumoured to have moved on from his break up and was thought to have started a relationship with model Laura Margesin, from South Tyrol, which is Sinner’s home city. However, as the Nitto ATP Finals began, that relationship was thrown into doubt.

Laura is in the United States for work as the competition is underway and Maria was spotted in the stadium, in the company of a friend. The most intriguing part was she wasn’t present in Sinner’s box but was instead a mere spectator among the crowd. This could very well be Sinner’s idea of preserving his personal life from the intrusive eye of the media.

The presence of Maria in Turin, where the tournament is taking place, sure threw up a lot of questions in fans’ minds as to who the Italian player was dating and based on circumstantial evidence, it looks like Sinner never broke up with Maria!

Are Jannik Sinner and Maria Braccini still in relationship?

If Maria Braccini and Jannik Sinner had indeed broken up and the Wimbledon semi-finalist was in a relationship with Laura Margesin, then his ex-girlfriend’s presence at the Nitto ATP Finals was a strange occurrence.

Her support for Sinner coupled with his rumoured girlfriend’s absence from the tennis stadium has left the media in a perplexed state as to who the Italian was truly in a relationship with. Maria took to Instagram to share videos and photos of Sinner’s victory over Djokovic and had fans jumping on the social media platform to address their doubts.

It is also known that Jannik Sinner often likes posts by Maria on Instagram and with his supposed current girlfriend’s absence, all the evidence points to the fact that he and Maria never broke up and are still going strong in their relationship.

Sinner is a highly private individual and doesn’t like to mix his personal life with his professional career, but it could be a possibility that Maria moves from being a spectator in the crowd to a prominent figure in Sinner’s box in the coming years.

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