Who took home the prize at WWE MITB? Looking at results of men’s and women’s ladder matches

The WWE  MITB pay-per-view event brought intense ladder matches and thrilling moments as superstars competed for the coveted contract guaranteeing a championship opportunity. With both men’s and women’s ladder matches taking place, the stakes were high, and the outcome remained uncertain. Fans witnessed jaw-dropping acrobatics, daring maneuvers, and unexpected twists as the competitors battled it out for a chance at glory.

In this article, we delve into the results of the men’s and women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches, examining who emerged victorious and the potential implications for their future in the WWE.

Who won the men’s MITB matchup?

A spectacular seven-man ladder battle between Butch, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Damian Priest, Ricochet, LA Knight, and Logan Paul kicked off the WWE MITB event. Logan Paul was the focus of an all-out attack by Nakamura in the corner as the contest got underway. Priest was exposed to Nakamura’s diving knee strike since he was ensconced behind a ladder.

In a ferocious exchange of blows between Butch and Nakamura, Escobar displayed his prowess in the air. Logan Paul made an attempt to take advantage of the circumstance by entering covertly and climbing a ladder, but the united field stopped him and gave him a ruthless trampling.

Butch performed a moonsault from a ladder as Paul performed a frog splash on Priest. The struggle for the prized briefcase between Nakamura and Escobar grew more intense. Escobar’s rana prevented their ascension, but Knight halted it. On two ladders, Paul, Knight, Ricochet, and Butch got into a thrilling fight. When Escobar and Nakamura’s ladder was overturned by Paul and Ricochet, the tension peaked as the power dynamic shifted.

Paul and Ricochet were able to maintain their equilibrium on the top rope despite Knight overturning their ladder in retaliation. Ricochet grabbed Paul and launched both opponents through two tables with an amazing Spanish Fly off the top. Knight looked to be winning when Priest blocked his ascension and cast the deadly Broken Arrow down the ladder. Priest emerged as the match’s victorious winner.

Women’s MITB winner?

An exciting show of athleticism and energy culminated in the Women’s MITB match, with Morgan triumphantly climbing the ladder to win the briefcase and a guaranteed spot at either Ronda Rousey’s or Bianca Belair’s women’s championships. A bold double-suplex attempt by Morgan and Becky Lynch on Raquel Rodriguez failed as both women were simultaneously suplex onto the ladder.

Shotzi attempted to race up a ladder that served as a bridge to assault Rodriguez with a daring leap, but she fell through. Lynch took advantage of the situation by doing a springboard splash onto the group of rivals on the ladder. With a stunning 450 splash that demonstrated her athleticism, Alexa Bliss paved the way for her initial rise.

Rodriguez halted her rise before being hurled onto the ladder bridge by Bliss. Asuka threw Shotzi’s hip onto the same ladder, but he quickly recovered and started climbing again with Lacey Evans. Rodriguez stopped Evans in his tracks just as he tried to grab the briefcase. Evans was left reeling as Morgan attempted to get the desired object but instead chose to use an aggressive move, performing a sunset flip powerbomb on Evans. She was put through a tree of misery on the ladder by Shotzi when he interfered.

Asuka returned to the fight and delivered a tremendous kick to Lynch’s head to finish him off. She climbed the ladder only to have Rodriguez eject her from the ring against her will. Shotzi and Rodriguez were knocked off one ladder by Lynch, who then knocked Evans and Bliss off the other.

Lynch’s ladder was next to another one that Morgan had built up when she made her spectacular arrival. Lynch attempted to topple Morgan’s ladder, but Morgan expertly repelled the attempt by launching herself off the top rope, rendering Lynch helplessly helpless. Morgan grabbed the briefcase as his emotions were running high, sending rowdy Las Vegas revelers into tears of ecstasy.


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