Who were the WWE stars to have alleged affair with Tammy Sytch AKA Sunny?

The Wrestling Show featured commentary by WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, whose real name is Tammy Sytch. She discussed her experience with Shawn Michaels, the time spent away from Chris Candido while with Michaels, her kiss with Bret Hart, and Impact Wrestling’s decision not to pay Candido following his death.

Currently, more people seem interested in Sunny’s private life than her wrestling profession. She has been in a relationship with Damien Darling. Many WWE superstars have been rumored to have a romance with Sunny, and she has confirmed some of them. The following is a list of the eight WWE superstars with whom she has publicly acknowledged having an affair.

WWE stars who had alleged affair with Tammy Sytch

A brief affair occurred between Tammy Sytch and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in the mid-1990s. In an interview, Sunny made it clear that she and Candido were on a hiatus when she started dating Michaels. Sunny said, “Shawn was easily the best…we just clicked. Everything we did was just perfect, so nobody has topped him.”

Sunny discussed her unplanned romance with The British Bulldog after her breakup with Shawn Michaels in an interview with WWE. Sunny revealed the truth after his death in 2012. In the interview, she said, “It was an off-and-on. (…) Yeah (Shawn Michels knew), because Davey was after Shawn.”

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The rumors of a relationship with Bret Hart spread back in 2007 when Sunny was occupied with several commercial shoots. She recounted a story about sharing a locker room, stating that Bret Hart preferred her locker room over the boys, so they alternated usage to avoid being together.

Another affair with Sabu was confirmed by Sandman. According to his story, he saw Sunny and Sabu in the bar’s boiler room. A portion of the narrative was verified by Sabu, and Sandman said it was for Somas. Although Sabu refuted Sunny’s claims, he did admit that Sunny had asked for favors in return for drugs.

According to the reports, Tammy Sytch was involved with Raven also. While Raven was dealing with his own alcohol and drug issues, rumors about his life off the stories began to circulate. Before the famous Sabu-Sunny episode, she was said to have been seeing both Raven and Joey Matthews, which made Chris Candido angry.

When did Sunny retire?

After causing a three-car collision in Florida, former pro wrestling star Tamara Lynn “Sunny” Sytch is now under investigation for a probable DUI. While operating a Mercedes-Benz, the 49-year-old was involved in an accident with a stopped Kia. Many legal troubles have befallen Sytch, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

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From 1992 until 1995, she oversaw her boyfriend Chris Candido’s wrestling career at Smokey Mountain Wrestling. She went on to manage several prominent talents for WWF. Her release in 1998 was caused by issues with Sable. She then feuded with Dawn Marie and Francine while working for ECW. Sytch continued wrestling on the independent circuit after Candido’s passing in 2005 and remained there until his retirement in 2018.

Among WWE’s many scandals, Tammy Stych’s likely got the most attention. Leave a comment with your opinions on her numerous relationships in the comments.


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