When Chris Jericho pummeled Shawn Michaels’ wife amid heated feud with HBK

WWE had some intense rivalries in their past from which Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho are one of them. Michaels and Jericho feuded in 2008 which is also widely regarded as one of the feuds best of the 21st century. Even being one of the best feuds, sometimes things didn’t go exactly to plan wise and the same also happens with The Heartbreak Kid & Y2J.

The feud between both these legendary stars faced an unexpected moment during WWE Summerslam 2008. The wife of Mr. Wrestlemania i.e. Rebecca comes down to the ring as part of the storyline, but things here didn’t end well for her.

Shawn Michaels recently completed 35 years with WWE

But before coming down to that unplanned moment, let’s talk about a historic achievement or accolade by The HeartBreak Kid itself. For those who are not aware, Michaels has recently completed his 35 years in WWE. After getting retired from the company as an in-ring performer, Shawn is serving as Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative and oversees the creative aspects of the NXT brand,

The 35 years achievement is not solely celebrated by the Hall of Famer itself, but along with WWE Universe legends like- Undertaker had also shared their reaction to this massive achievement from the former Royal Rumble winner.

HBK’s wife came under fire in the legendary feud with Y2J

Now, let’s talk about the moment which took place back in the feud between The HeartBreak Kid & Chris Jericho. At SummerSlam 2008, Michaels along with his wife Rebecca came down to the ring to cut a promo. Basically, in his promo, Shawn was talking about taking his retirement. After cutting an emotional promo, suddenly Y2J appeared on the scene and forced HBK to say that he was retiring because of Jericho.

But the ending of the segment saw Jericho swing his hand for Shawn Michaels, but the former World Champion ducked, which meant Jericho accidentally struck his hand on Rebecca instead.

Shawn Michaels

After the incident, Jericho still regretted it and shared, he directly went backstage to say sorry to the HBK & his wife. The Best in the World revealed that the former European champion is angry with this incident. 

But after multiple apologies, Rebecca understood the situation and also accept the apology of Chris Jericho. Jericho revealed the story of his whole incident during his interviews & podcasts. But this is not the first incident in WWE history, where some unplanned & unscripted moments take place.


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