Why are Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jordan accused of conspire to kidnapping? explaining the $3 billion lawsuit

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most successful figures in the world right now who made a triumphant transition from the ring to reel life. This former professional wrestler rocked his fighting career and now firing up the entertainment industry as an adored actor.

However, a recent lawsuit against him is stigmatizing his ravishing achievements which he accumulated throughout the years. So, it is time to find out more of the story explaining the kidnapping lawsuit brought against him.


Why are Dwayne Johnson, and Michael Jordan accused of conspiring to kidnap?

Former WWE Star Rhaka Khan filed a $ 3 billion lawsuit against the Rock for plotting plans to kidnap her and her kids. Besides Dwayne, several other names are included in the charge list such as the Miz, and his wife, former backstage agent Steve Keirn, Maryse, the Bella Twins, some government officials, and the basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Trenasha Biggers, the former WWE star is known as Rhaka Khan which is her ring name. During her ring career, she offered many spectacular battles to her fans and it’s been long since she said goodbye to her fighting career.

She came under the spotlight after a long time after she dragged many mega-celebrities over the kidnapping lawsuit. This whole issue concerning the case is still in the dark and surrounded by mysteries as to why the lady filled the case as she hasn’t expressed her comments officially.

On the other hand, none of the defendants of the charge have opened up about the matter so their reactions are unknown too. Additionally, the court is yet to begin hearing the case or move forwards with proper evidence. So, waiting seems to be the only option right now to get more insights into the legal battle.

Stay tuned with Sportszion to unfold the mysteries and confusion regarding the billion-dollar lawsuit. Fans of ‘The Rock’ probably will have a hard time comprehending why such a successful personality would delve into something like kidnapping.

Whatever the case may be, we hope justice is served.

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