Gervonta Davis set to serve 90 days home detention and 3 years parole for hit-and-run car accident charges

At the T-Mobile Arena in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, Gervonta Davis recently defeated his longtime rival Ryan Garcia. Tank, however, doesn’t appear to be able to bask in his enormous victory for long, since the Baltimore City Circuit Court sentenced him for charges of hit-and-run vehicle accidents yesterday.

Tank is no new to the criminal justice system; in the past, he has been charged with numerous crimes, including fourteen misdemeanor counts. The boxer who has won numerous world titles, however, appears to be receiving a sentence once more as he will serve 90 days of home detention and three months on parole for a hit-and-run offense.

What allegations have been made against Gervonta Davis? 

Davis admitted guilt to four traffic offenses he committed in 2020 in February in a Baltimore Circuit Court. A video of his violation of the law while driving has been shown to the court for the prosecution’s purpose.

According to the police report, the footage that has been used as evidence demonstrates that Davis was operating a Lamborghini Urus SUV vehicle on his birthday without abiding by the required signal requirements and ultimately collided with a Toyota Solara that was transporting four people, including a pregnant woman.

Davis can clearly be seen smashing his Lamborghini and trying to leave the area as soon as possible before the police and other people show up in a video that was made public by WJZ. Tank is judged to have broken several driving laws, even though there were no fatalities in the collision.

Not all of the victims, however, are satisfied with Davis’s punishment. According to a victim, the accident that Gervonta created that evening devastated her life. Since then, the injured woman has been unable to drive regularly and will never be able to walk normally. Gil Amaral, a lawyer for another victim, expressed his disgust with the judge’s choice. 

“We’re not exactly satisfied with a sentence of 90 days home detention. We believe that based on the severity of this incident, it doesn’t seem to be much of a penalty to me,” said Gil Amaral. 

Earlier in January, a lady accused Davis of threatening her and her children but eventually withdrew her claim. After a court hearing when a $1,000 bond was set, the lightweight boxer was released. As of right now, Gervonta is set to serve a sentence for the hit-and-run assault. 

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