Gervonta Davis pleads guilty in hit and run case, will bout vs Ryan Garcia still take place?

The bout between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, which was scheduled to take place this year, is currently in limbo as a result of Gervonta’s involvement in a hit-and-run incident.

Davis is no stranger to the process of being charged with a crime, as he has been accused of a multitude of offenses in the past, including fourteen counts of misdemeanor. This time around, though, the boxer who has won several world championships appears to be in serious trouble that could put an end to his boxing career.

In a Baltimore Circuit Court, Davis pled guilty to four traffic offences he committed in 2020. The court has been presented with a video of his infraction of traffic laws for use in the prosecution.

According to the police report, the video that has been brought as a prove shows that Davis was driving a Lamborghini Urus SUV car on his birthday without following proper signal regulations and eventually colliding with a Toyota Solara that was carrying four passengers, including a pregnant woman.

In a video that was released by WJZ, it can be seen quite plainly that Davis is crashing his Lamborghini and attempting to flee the accident scene as quickly as possible before the police and other people arrive.Despite the fact that no one was killed in the crash, Davis was found to be in violation of a number of regulations governing traffic. Judge Althea M. Handy will hand down a sentence for Davis.

A month after being freed from police custody following a domestic abuse complaint, Gervonta pled guilty to the driving violation. Earlier in January a woman who had accused Davis to threaten her and her children later recanted her statement calling 911.The lightweight boxer was freed after a session in court during which a bond was established at $1,000.


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