“That’s crazy” Gervonta Davis brushes off Ryan Garcia’s prediction that he will knock him out in two rounds

Earlier this week, the undefeated professional boxer Gervonta Davis defeated Hector Garcia by a TKO at the Capital One Arena, and now this 28-year-old is set to square off against Ryan Garcia on April 15, 2023.

Prior to the fight, “The Flash” appeared on the Joe Pomp Show and predicted that he would defeat Tank in the second round.

The California native also discussed that he thinks Davis is underestimating his talent and intelligence and claimed that he is the toughest opponent to date for the Tank.

“Prediction for the fight – I say I’ll beat him in about two rounds. Part of me knows that I am just better than him. What I’ve seen from him. What I know about myself. What I know they are underestimating, just by the way he speaks and just how he fights.”

Davis discussed Rayan’s statement on the The Last Stand podcast with Brian Custer, saying that the 23-0 orthodox is just talking.

“Ryan has high hopes. He’s a fighter. Fighters have to speak highly and think highly of themselves. He’s talking and he’s actually putting in the work.”

But Davis is fully aware of Ryan’s capabilities; he has taken the statement seriously and is currently preparing heavily to dominate in the ring.

“He’s not taking any fights and he’s focusing on me. We can’t overlook his statement. Do you know what I mean? We just have to be mindful that he’s coming. I definitely have to be prepared. I’ll make sure to prepare myself just as much or much harder than him.”

However, Davis referred to the prediction as a crazy one and is ready to prove him wrong as he did before.

“That’s a strong prediction. I feel as though two rounds – that’s crazy. Rollie said the same thing. I don’t know what they’re thinking. [Ryan has] seen it personally sitting up close. He made a bet with Errol Spence, and he lost that bet. Tell him to bet again, for sure.”


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