Why did Packers’ top pick Lukas Van Ness’ dad go viral? exploring awkward family celebrations on big NFL night

The NFL draft is a momentous occasion for young players who have worked tirelessly to achieve their dreams of playing at the highest level. It’s a night filled with emotions, tears, and joy, but for Lukas Van Ness, the Green Bay Packers’ top pick, his celebratory night was overshadowed by an awkward family moment that went viral. 

Van Ness’ dad made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he brazenly slapped his sons girlfriend’s butt during their celebrations, leaving many wondering why he would do such a thing on such a big night.

Lukas Van Ness, the newly drafted defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers, may not be pleased with his father’s actions during their celebratory gathering on draft night. While Van Ness was at home with his family, his father was captured on camera brazenly slapping his girlfriend’s buttocks twice after they shared a hug. 

This action could potentially cause embarrassment for Van Ness, as it is not a sight anyone would want others to see. The celebration was undoubtedly joyous for Van Ness and his family, but his father’s inappropriate behavior may have detracted from the moment.

How are fans reacting to this moment of the dad of Lukas Van Ness?

Lukas Van Ness

As the news of Lukas Van Ness’ dad’s inappropriate behavior spread like wildfire, fans of the NFL and the Green Bay Packers were quick to react. One fan was stunned, taking to social media to express their disbelief, “Did Van Ness’s dad just slap the girlfriend’s ass not once, but twice?!?” 


This sentiment was echoed by many, with some calling the act disrespectful and others expressing sympathy for Van Ness, who was not present at the draft and likely had no idea what was happening during the celebrations.

The NFL draft is a time for celebration, but it’s important to remember that the world is watching. The viral moment of Van Ness’ dad’s inappropriate behavior serves as a reminder that actions have consequences, even in moments of high emotion. 

As we continue to navigate issues surrounding player conduct, it’s crucial that families remain mindful of their behavior and the impact it can have on their loved ones’ careers. Ultimately, the NFL draft should be a time of joy and celebration, free of any awkward or embarrassing moments as such.

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