Why is Philadelphia called the Eagles? exploring the origin of Super Bowl LVII runner up’s name

Philadelphia Eagles is considered to be one of the most dominating teams in the NFL that is based in Philadelphia. The team won four NFL Championships including one Super Bowl. It made appearances in four Super Bowls till now but snatch away victory only once in 2018 bagging Super Bowl LII.

It is time to unfold more facts about the team including why it bears the Eagles title and their fans’ connection with its theme.

Why Philadelphia bears the title of the Eagles?

The team has a deep-rooted history with the name called ‘Eagles’ and that is why, it carries the title of that name. During the team’s foundation in 1933, it was known by a different name called Frankford Yellow Jackets.

So what's next for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023?

Years later, a successful transition of the name happened. Former president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Policy was the main talk of the town at that time. Especially, huge speculations were going on over the policy’s National Recovery Act here and there which had a ‘Blue Eagle’ logo.

Owner Bell-Wray group got inspiration from the logo and named their team Philadelphia Eagles. Moreover, Bell positioned himself as the president and General Manager of the team making Wray the head coach.

Why do Philadelphia Eagles fans say “Go Birds”?


In the NFL era, there is a saying that, the Philadelphia Eagles has one of the most solid fan base across the globe and it seems to be true. For the Eagles fan, Go Birds is more than just a phrase. Some of its other meaning includes hi, hello, good day, etc. They use it to communicate with other Eagles fans as it helps to create a mutual bond within them.

Besides, they also use it as their shout-out to motivate their favorite team while it is playing on the ground.

The team has been built over a bankrupt franchise but it recovered its reputation very swiftly for the dedication it has to the sport.

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