Ex-UFC Champ Henry Cejudo slams Tyson Fury’s resume questioning willingness to fight Jon Jones: “Is he just out there for media attention?”

Former UFC champ Henry Cejudo pulls no punches as he throws shade at heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, raising doubts about his willingness to step into the Octagon against Jon Jones. With a dash of skepticism, Cejudo questions whether Fury’s desire for fame surpasses his hunger for legitimate challenges.

If Fury truly wants to make an impact in the world of combat sports and secure a hefty payday, Cejudo urges him to embrace the opportunity to face Jones in the UFC. Cejudo, known for his tenacity inside the cage, doesn’t shy away from calling out Tyson Fury for his lack of risk-taking and failure to build a solid fighting legacy.

Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo throws dig at Tyson Fury

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, the self-proclaimed “Triple C” highlights Fury’s invitation from the formidable UFC President Dana White, emphasizing the financial rewards that await him in the Octagon. With Jon Jones eagerly waiting to lock horns, Cejudo challenges Fury to prove his mettle against a worthy opponent. Diving deeper into Fury’s record, Cejudo casts doubt on the quality of his opponents, raising eyebrows about the true caliber of his triumphs.

While acknowledging Fury’s victory over Wladimir Klitschko, Cejudo playfully wonders if that was the pinnacle of his accomplishments. Cejudo takes aim at Fury’s prolonged hiatus from the sport and his subsequent return, questioning whether he’s truly committed to the fight game. To silence doubters and earn his stripes, Cejudo urges Fury to take on the challenge of facing Jon Jones. With an amazingly storied career encompassing an Olympic gold medal and UFC titles in two different weight classes, Cejudo very well understands what it takes to leave a lasting mark on combat sports.

Next potential opponent of Fury

Despite his passionate challenge to Fury, a clash between Cejudo and Jones appears unlikely at this juncture. Demsey McKean of Australia has been mentioned as a prospective opponent for Tyson Fury, the WBC champion. As Jones settles into the heavyweight division and other contenders vie for their shot at greatness, the stars aligning for a Cejudo-Jones spectacle seems like a distant possibility. Henry Cejudo’s provocative challenge to Tyson Fury adds fuel to the fire in the world of combat sports.

By questioning Fury’s commitment and urging him to face Jon Jones, Cejudo injects excitement into an already captivating narrative. While the prospects of a Cejudo-Jones bout may be slim, the potential showdown between Fury and Jones continues to tantalize fight fans around the globe. As the combat sports universe eagerly awaits Fury’s response, the gauntlet has been thrown, leaving us hungry for more action inside the Octagon.


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