“I will always have a regret”: Francis Ngannou reveals disappointment on not fighting Jon Jones at UFC

Francis Ngannou “The Predator,” a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, is well known for his devastating knockout skills. He recently discussed his sadness at not being able to compete against Jon Jones inside the Octagon. The long-awaited clash between Ngannou and Jones was poised to be an epic encounter in the realm of combat sports.

However, Ngannou’s decision to part ways with the UFC while still holding the heavyweight title prevented this dream matchup from becoming a reality. Let’s delve deeper into Ngannou’s sentiments and his quest for a legacy-defining showdown against the legendary Jon Jones.

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou and His Missed Dance with Destiny: The Epic Battle That Eluded UFC Fans

Ngannou vs. Jones, a fight that had fans and pundits buzzing with excitement, eluded the heavyweight division’s enthusiasts. Ngannou is currently a member of the Professional Fighters League (PFL). He openly admitted that he regretted not having the chance to compete against Jones, who is still widely recognized as one of the greatest fighters of all time (GOAT) in the history of mixed martial arts.

When Ngannou made the decision to join PFL, it effectively extinguished any possibility of a showdown with Jones under the UFC banner. This move left the fans longing for an encounter that could have potentially rewritten the history books. Instead, Jones went on to face Ciryl Gane, whom he swiftly submitted to claim the vacant heavyweight belt at UFC 285.

In a recent appearance on ESPN’s “DC & RC,” Ngannou expressed his deep-seated regret over not having the chance to share the Octagon with Jon Jones. The Cameroonian-born powerhouse acknowledged the desire of every fighter to test themselves against the best in the business, and in Ngannou’s eyes, Jones undoubtedly stands as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

UFC President Dana White’s reluctance to entertain cross-promotional fights seemed to dash any hopes of Ngannou and Jones settling their differences inside the cage. Nevertheless, Ngannou remains open to the idea of facing Jones if an opportunity were to arise, recognizing the immense significance such a clash would hold for their respective legacies.

Ngannou’s Quest for Greatness: The Unforgotten Battle That Shakes the Foundations of Combat Sports

Drawing parallels to the past, where champions had to face legendary figures like Fedor Emelianenko to solidify their standing, Ngannou emphasizes that challenging the best is an essential part of leaving a lasting mark in the history of combat sports. The potential showdown against Jones represents a chance for both fighters to make a statement that echoes throughout the annals of MMA.

Jones made fun of Ngannou’s claims as the “baddest guy on the earth” when he signed with PFL. Ngannou responded right away, which led to a small verbal confrontation between the two skilled combatants. Francis Ngannou’s revelation of regret over not having the opportunity to face Jon Jones at the peak of their careers highlights the allure of monumental clashes in the world of UFC.

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