UFC boss Dana White expresses excitement over the WWE merger calling Vince McMahon a “savage” business partner

UFC President Dana White is thrilled. Especially with the obtainment of World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) by Endeavor Group Holdings, the parent company of UFC. The confirmation of the purchase initially leaked before WWE’s WrestleMania event. It was to be announced on Monday. White took to Instagram to express his excitement and praised WWE’s Vince McMahon for being a “savage” businessman.

The UFC was acquired by the Endeavor in Las Vegas for $1.75 billion in 2016, resulting in an annual earnings increase. The cost of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s pay-per-view events has risen unnaturally from $59.99 to $79.99 since 2019, stirring some fuss.  Although it hasn’t deterred buffs from purchasing them.

Dana White

Dana White Leads UFC-WWE Merger: A Knockout Move for Sports and Entertainment under Endeavor Group Holdings

With the merger of UFC and WWE under Endeavor’s umbrella.  A new publicly traded company will be formed with a fan base of over a billion people and an estimated value of over $21 billion. McMahon, the man behind WWE’s success, shared his thoughts on the purchase.

While White will persist as the president of the UFC. McMahon also is set to maintain his position as executive chairman of WWE. The acquisition is expected to improve monetization and sponsorship. It is to maximize the worth of incorporated media rights, create new content, and seek strategic unification and acquisitions to fortify the brands.

White is confident that with WWE’s addition to the portfolio, and the business acumen of McMahon, Ari Emanuel, and the UFC team, there is no limit to what the company can achieve. Tomorrow looks super bright for the UFC. And its source company, with the possibility to evolve into a sports and entertainment powerhouse.


UFC and WWE Join Forces: The Ultimate Tag Team of Sports and Entertainment Emerges

With this deal, the UFC’s parent company has added a sports entertainment juggernaut to its impressive portfolio. The merger news has generated excitement among combat sports fans and professionals alike. With many speculating on what the future holds for both companies.

In the world of combat sports, the Endeavor Group Holdings’ acquisition of WWE is like a heavyweight bout between two giants. With Dana White in one corner and Vince McMahon in the other the anticipation is palpable. White’s praise of McMahon as a “savage” businessman only adds to the excitement.

With total combined fan support of arguably over a billion people and an overall estimated value of over $21 billion. This coalition is sure to pack a punch and then some.


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