Why NFL stays unfazed despite global sports investments, takeovers by Middle-East Oil juggernauts? Examining NFL’s immunity to Emiratis

Recently, Middle East oil giants have started taking an interest in sports. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have made valuable sports investments, leading everyone to wonder if the American Sports League and the NFL could also become an interest for the Middle East countries or if they will remain free. 

There are chances that Saudi Arabia will try to buy teams in the league or they may opt for some other way to become a part of the league. In this article, we delve deeper into how Middle Eastern companies are taking part in sports and what that could mean for the future of the football league.  

NFL left untouched despite global sporting takeovers by UAE, Saudi Arab

One thing that is protecting the NFL from UAE and Saudi Arabia is one of its own rules. The league strictly prohibits foreign investments in its franchises. However, the risk is still there as rules are meant to be changed and recent circumstances can affect these rules.

For example, the recent merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, which is funded by Saudi Arabia, highlights the potential for Middle-Eastern investors to get involved in US sports as well. 


Saudia Arabia has the potential to extend its Public Investment Fund or sovereign wealth fund in the National Football League. They can also go as far as to establish a new competing league. The NFL, which has focused on making the game safer through rule changes, now faces the risk of a competitor that embraces the “old-school football” style. If the price is right, the leagues’ owners may choose to look the other way.

Renowned sports reporter Albert Breer believes that a Saudi takeover of the football league is a possibility, given their ambition to diversify their investments in various sporting institutions. Owning a National Football League franchise would showcase their power and prestige to the world.

The recent purchase of the Washington Commanders for a staggering $6.3 billion by billionaire Josh Harris indicates that buying an NFL franchise is a lucrative venture. With Saudi Arabia’s vast wealth and resources, they could potentially acquire an existing franchise, if not the entire league.

Is NFL safe from future temptation?


Despite the potential temptation, the NFL’s current rules protect it from foreign investments. While the PGA Tour chairman eventually gave in to investment, it is uncertain whether the league would follow suit. But we shall also not forget how rules change.

For example, in the past Roger Goodell, the league’s Commissioner, was strongly against gambling in the league. But after some time, the league’s stance changed when it realized the financial potential of embracing gambling.

The Saudi takeover of the English Premier League soccer club Newcastle United is another example of how foreign investments can transform a struggling team’s fortunes. If the NFL sees the potential for increased profits through Saudi investments, it might reconsider its stance and open its doors to foreign ownership.

In conclusion, while other sports leagues have succumbed to foreign investments and takeovers by Middle-East oil giants, the NFL has remained unfazed. The league’s strict rules prohibiting foreign ownership protect it from external influences. But we can expect anything as the investments continue to evolve.

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