Why wasn’t Rhea Ripley featured on WWE RAW? Reviewing the latest on “Mami”

After Rhea Ripley won the WWE championship and joined ‘Judgement Day,’ she swiftly became a prominent figure in WWE. Last week, Nia Jax’s interruption of Ripley’s latest title defense match provided her with a much-needed break from her regular in-ring schedule.

The ‘Irresistible Force’ dominated Mami, resulting in an injury to the 26-year-old champion. The Eradicator is currently sidelined due to her injuries. Her last match may pave the way for a new storyline involving Nia Jax, and possibly Raquel Rodriguez. However, before that unfolds, Rhea must undergo a thorough medical evaluation.

Rhea Ripley injury update

Ripley, highly successful in her WWE career, won the Women’s Championship at WWE Royal Rumble. Following Judgment Day’s interference in a championship match, she entered into a two-month-long rivalry with Raquel Rodriguez. In the most recent episode of WWE Payback, the 26-year-old champion successfully defended her Women’s World Championship against Rodriguez.

Rhea Ripley

WWE officials disclosed the injury of the Women’s World Champion, The Eradicator, and explained her absence on this week’s SmackDown following the drama caused by The Rock’s cousin, Nia Jax, in her last match.

Jax’s attack on Ripley resulted in medical issues that prevented her from appearing on WWE RAW, a fact also confirmed by her boyfriend, Dominik Mysterio. Despite Rhea’s absence, Judgment Day assisted Finn Balor in defeating AJ Styles, with Jimmy Uso interfering to secure Balor’s victory.

However, Reddi insider kermit125 mentioned her injury is not physical rather a part of the storyline. She will be back on TV in a few weeks and most square off against Jax in a match.

Ripley spotted in Australia with boyfriend Buddy Mathews

The wrestler from Adelaide and her boyfriend, Mathews, have been spotted in their homeland. Although she should be in the hospital right now, a Reddit Insider just revealed that she’s on vacation this week, suggesting that the injury may have been a ruse. However, in WWE kayfabe, Rhea is seen spending time with her boyfriend, but she has been attempting to avoid being seen.

Wrestle enthusiasts may soon discover WWE’s exact strategy for keeping the wrestling superstar out of action for a while. However, Rhea Ripley was captured on camera without makeup, and her supporters quickly pointed out that she did not look injured.

Rhea Ripley

Hopefully, Nia Jax will be scheduled to appear on her next episode of WWE RAW. Will Eradicator defeat Nia Jax? Give your two words in the comment.


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