Kevin Nash accuses LA Knight of “stealing” by raising query “what the fu** is LA Knight”

The 40-year-old LA Knight has been the subject of constant criticism by two-time Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, both behind the scenes and in front of the media. Nash, who is 64 years old, never hesitated to confront LA Knight or publicly criticize him.

Knight has remained one of the most popular figures on WWE shows for quite some time. However, when Nash poked fun at the Knight, the crowd reacted negatively. Despite the age difference, Nash even attempted to physically confront Knight.

Kevin Nash hits back at LA Knight

During a recent episode of the podcast “Kliq This” on September 8, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke about the similarities between WWE’s LA Knight and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Steve Austin. Nash shared his opinion, stating that many people believe Michael Ricker is imitating The Rock and Steve Austin. The debate continued as he also questioned his ten-year wrestling career, wondering why success had eluded him for so long. Nash remarked that if Eli Drake doesn’t become well-known after three years, it’s unlikely he ever will.

LA Knight

At 40 years old, Knight still harbors ambitions of competing in the main event before retiring. In response to a recent jab from Knight on SmackDown, Nash addressed the issue on his podcast. The Hall-of-Famer also warned Knight about trying to emulate the wrestling greats, emphasizing that he and Scott Hall made their own paths in WCW. Nash’s response was passionate and unrelenting.

“I’m in the Hall of Fame twice, both times as Kevin Nash. He’s LA Knight. What the fu** is LA Knight? Is that Night Ranger’s first vinyl, the name of it? It’s like Oz. You’re the evening? What is LA Knight? Anything he can steal, he’s on it. Nothing original, certainly.” Nash said.

Explaining the beef between the duo

LA Knight’s popularity has been rising in WWE, but earlier this year, Kevin Nash had a negative opinion of him. The American podcaster often made comparisons that Knight found irritating. Although Knight did not directly address Nash, he seemed to poke fun at Nash’s legendary NWO promo in a recent “SmackDown” promo. 

LA Knight

The 21-time champion was furious on his podcast, ‘Kliq This,’ and spoke about Knight’s advertisement, providing a humorous yet interesting response. Knight mocked Nash’s statement, which he and Scott Hall used in a WCW promo. Fans are divided on the direction the former Hall of Famer is taking, but the controversy continues.

LA Knight has the support of the crowd, and it remains to be seen where this feud will lead. If LA Knight and Kevin Nash continue trading insults, do you think it will eventually lead to a match in the ring? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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