Ranking the 10 Worst Arsenal Defeats from 2000 to 2020

Worst Arsenal Defeats? That is an uncountable affair. The gunners have developed an affinity towards defeat. Over the years, the team has often been blamed for having a poor defense. However, it is not just the backline but the attack as well that falters. 

They were so consistent in defeat that if you bet against them, you would have won every time. Even they were more predictive than live casino games. Over time, the gunners have managed to set a record defeat in almost every league or title they played. We have tried our best to restrict their biggest defeats ever in a top ten list. However, there is a lot more from where this comes from.

#10. Arsenal vs Monaco

Tournament: Champions League 2015, Round of 16

Result: Arsenal lost by 1-3

Despite defeating Monaco in the second leg, Arsenal lost by one away goal. The loss was attributed to Gunner’s terrible performance in the first leg. Playing with a 4-2-3-1 formation, the gunners looked in good shape. However, their superficial formation was cracked open by Kandogbia in the 38th minute.

The entire match was stained with a terrible defense by the gunners. Centre Back, Mertesacker, individually contributes to the defensive blunders. The attacking blunders were single handedly taken care of by Oliver Giroud. The gunners suffer a defeat of 3 goals to 1, with Monaco sailing past to the round of 8. To date, it stands as one of the most fatal and worst Arsenal defeats of all time.

Gunners Dejected as Monaco celebrates the goal. Greatest Arsenal defeats.

#9. Arsenal vs Manchester City

Tournament: Premier League 2013

Result: Arsenal lost by 6-3

The standard decree for this account would be poor defense from Wenger’s side. It was recorded as one of the many biggest defeats for the Gunners. A flurry of backline blunders with CB Mertesacker, again strolling in the park. The Citizens gained an early lead with Aguero striking a flying volley into the Gunners net. However, Walcott did equalize at the 31st minute with an assist from Ozil. A fantastic performance from Negredo and Fernandinho sealed the match for the citizens. The latter scored two stunners making him Man of the Match. A late goal by Mertesacker to compensate for the errors in the defense sees Arsenal shrugging off a 3 goal defeat. Though it isn’t the greatest Arsenal defeat in the Premier League, it is considered quite humiliating.

#8. Arsenal vs AC Milan

Tournament: Champions League 2012, Round of 16

Result: Arsenal defeated by 4-0

Milan kept a formation of 4-3-1-2, and Wenger continued with his typical lineup of 4-2-3-1. It felt disheartening to watch a team sporting the likes of Mesut Ozil, Walcott, Chamberlain, and likewise, to be toyed around. However, Milan manages to play around with the Arsenal defense line. Robinho pulled off a fantastic game with 2 goals. Prince Boateng pushed Milan to an early lead in the 15th minute. Since that point, it was completely one-sided, with Ibrahimovic scoring a penalty in the 79th minute. The gunners lost by a 4 goal margin, with AC Milan moving to the last eight.

Greatest Arsenal Defeats.

#7. Bayern Munich Vs Arsenal

Tournament: Champions League 2015, Group Stage

Result: 5-1

Here is a team that is a nightmare to the gunners. The excellent passing, understanding, and finishing of the Bayern Munich players left Arsenal clueless. Pep Guardiola’s side toyed around with the gunners in every clash. In this match, Bayern played with a formation of 4-1-4-1 and managed to score 5 goals.

Arsenal’s petty attempts at setting offside traps let Lewandowski open on goal with a header into the bottom right corner. However, this game was not only a defensive error but an attacking failure as well. Alaba, the 17-year-old displayed sheer talent in the game scoring one goal and assisting Arjen Robben with another. The only decent attack from Wenger’s side consigned them to a goal. This was also considered to be the most memorable and biggest Arsenal defeats of all time.

#6. Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur

Tournament: League Cup 2008

Result: 5-1

Jermaine James cracked open a confident arsenal defense line and put one in the net by the 3rd minute of the game. A failed attempt to clear the ball from Berbatov results in the lead for the Spurs. To make things worse, Nicklas Bendtner, in an attempt to clear a cross, heads it into his own net. Thereon, the spurs scored another three goals thereby kicking Arsenal out of the League. The result, a 4 goal margin loss for the Gunners.

#5. Arsenal Vs Liverpool

Tournament: Premier League 2014

Result: 5-1

The Merseyside reds with their famous trio of Saurez, Sterling, and Sturridge thrashed the gunners in this fixture. Scoring a total of 5 goals, the Liverpool side left the Gunners dumbstruck. Again, with a single consolation goal from Wenger’s side, the gunners recorded one of the worst defeats in its history.

With Skrtel scoring two, Sturridge scoring one, and Sterling scoring another two, Liverpool sailed past Arsenal with a memorable defeat of 4 goals. The scoreline was a result of a misunderstanding between the players and obviously, faulty managerial skills. However, Giroud’s absolute incapability to deliver at the front line shall not be overlooked as well.

#4. Bayern Munich vs Arsenal

Tournament: Champions League 2017, Round of 16

Result: 5-1

Surprisingly enough, Bayern Munich has been successful at maintaining a similar scoreline with the gunners. There were so many with the same scoreboard, that you are bound to get confused.

However, this one again is a one-sided competition by the German Club. Despite Goalkeeper Ospina’s good performance, Bayern managed to tear apart the arsenal defense scoring an early goal by Arjen Robben. Though Sanchez equalizes with a sorry attempt, gunners lose ground soon enough. Thiago scored twice and Lewandoski once with a final blow from Mueller to seal the game at 5-1.

#3. Manchester United vs Arsenal

Tournament: Premier League 2001

Result: 6-1

This match can be renamed as Yorke Vs Arsenal as he single handedly destroyed the entire team. Sir Alex Ferguson’s lineup proved fatal for Wenger’s gunners as they experienced one of the worst defeats. Yorke ends up with a hattrick by the 72nd minute with others already up on the scoresheet. Yorke also led many assists which turned into goals. Solsjkaer scored a stunner into the bottom left corner and eventually led the Red Devils to a 5 goal win over the Gunners

#2. Chelsea vs Arsenal

Tournament: Premier League 2014

Result: 6-0

This defeat against Chelsea was by far the most shameful in Gunner’s history. Samuel Et’o found an early ball into the D and unleashed a cracker in the net. Since this, the competition never looked like Gunner’s way. Schrulle scores one, and Hazard converts a penalty. The game was already lost in the first 17 minutes. What followed was further humiliation. Oscar scored two in the first 20 mins of the second half, and Salah scored the final goal in the 71st minute. Mourinho’s pensioners left Wenger’s Gunners totally dismembered on the field. All Arsenal could do was look back in agony to one of their yet another biggest defeats.

#1. Manchester United Vs Arsenal

Tournament: Premier League 2011

Result: 8-2

The ultimate humiliation, which was good enough to diminish the glory of the most unforgettable Arsenal wins. The Red Devils were at the peak of their performance. Therefore, naturally, the scoreboard has to be as it stands. Extreme performance with passion and vigor lets the arsenal side just stand and admire. From gaining an early lead from Welbeck’s goal to shooting to free kicks home, the match had it all. De Gea displayed wonderful goalkeeping and saved a penalty from Robin Van Persie. However, Walcott managed to squeeze one through De Gea. Rooney scored two fantastic free-kicks. Others such as Nani and Ashley Young scored as well to sail the scoreboard higher. 

Greatest Arsenal Defeats.

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