WWE legend Dave Bautista earns Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt at age 54

A piece of ever-so-inspiring news was recently shared on social media by Hollywood star Dave Bautista. The former WWE star “Leviathan Bautista” made his brown belt achievement public at the age of 54. Bautista summarized his overall experience and thanked everyone who had assisted him in a lengthy Instagram post.

Cesar Gracie and the other gym goers were thanked by Bautista for pushing him to the edge. He described martial arts as a puzzle he couldn’t solve, which drove his fascination even more. According to “The Animal,” he began working out in 2010. He also discussed how his work schedule made it difficult for him to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Has Bautista ever fought in an MMA match?

Former WWE superstar David Bautista has dabbled in mixed martial arts. Bautista won six times as a world champion at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where fans applauded his amazing athleticism and physique.

When talking about his desire to participate in a professional MMA competition in 2012, Bautista exhibited his love for the game and his eagerness to try something new. He started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai pretty religiously after joining Strikeforce, a branch of Dana White’s UFC at the time.

Bautista was slated to compete in his first mixed martial arts match against Rashid “Suga” Evans on 6th October 2012 at Classic Entertainment & Sports MMA: Real Pain in Providence, Rhode Island. Evans was forced to leave the fight on October 1, 2012, though, after being detained for breaking the terms of his probation.

In the heavyweight class, against Vince “El Marro” Lucero in October 2012, Bautista made his MMA debut. Despite some jitters in the opening round, Bautista finally took control and won by TKO.

Dave Bautista WWE career recap

Bautista formerly worked for Global Xtreme Wrestling and WCW Power Plant before joining WWE. He started working with OVW in 2000. Later on, he transferred to SmackDown. He made his appearance on SmackDown in 2002 as Reverend D-enforcer, Von’s Decan Batista. Before turning against D-Von, Batista engaged in several matches. 2003 saw his recruitment into RAW.

Dave Bautista

He also triumphed in the Royal Rumble matches in 2005 and 2014. Eleven championships were won overall by the former WWE star during his wrestling career. During WrestleMania 35 in April 2019, Bautista faced Triple H in his most recent contest. Despite his success in the ring, David Bautista ultimately decided to devote himself entirely to acting.

As an A-list actor in modern-day  Hollywood, he has been in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War. Drax the Destroyer of The “Guardians of the Galaxy” claimed that after receiving his purple belt in 2014, he scarcely continued training until 2021. He claimed that after recommitting himself to the sport last autumn, he has now attained the rank of brown belt. 


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