WWE legend John Cena once openly criticized The Rock for leaving WWE and pursuing Hollywood career

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known by his stage name ‘The Rock’ is probably one of the greatest wrestlers ever to grace the ring. Later he made a successful transition to Hollywood where he became even more successful. However, not all of his wrestling peers took to kindly to his decisions back then.

Among those with contention, was fellow superstar John Cena who ironically focuses more on acting nowadays than WWE. Let’s look back at the time when ‘The Chain Gang Soldier’ criticized his fellow athlete for his career decisions.

What did John Cena say about Rock’s Hollywood move?

John Cena’s criticism of The Rock’s transition from WWE to Hollywood was clear-cut and direct. In a candid interview, Cena expressed his disapproval, stating that The Rock had abandoned the WWE and its fans for the allure of Hollywood fame and fortune.

Cena voiced his frustration, questioning The Rock’s commitment to the wrestling industry and insinuating that the move to Hollywood was a betrayal of their shared passion.

Cena Apologized to The Rock for throwing a dig

Recognizing the potential impact of his words, John Cena later issued a heartfelt apology to The Rock. In an attempt to rectify their strained relationship, Cena expressed remorse for his criticism, acknowledging that he had crossed a line. He extended his apology to The Rock personally, as well as to the WWE Universe, affirming his respect for The Rock’s accomplishments both in and out of the wrestling ring.

Cena’s apology came as a surprise to many, as the two wrestling icons have a storied history together. Cena and The Rock have shared the squared circle on multiple occasions, engaging in epic clashes that captivated fans worldwide. Despite their intense on-screen rivalry, the respect between the two has been evident, making Cena’s criticism even more unexpected.

John Cena

As the news of Cena’s criticism and subsequent apology spread, fans of both superstars took to social media to express their opinions. While some fans sided with Cena, believing that The Rock’s departure harmed the WWE, others defended The Rock’s decision, asserting that he had paved the way for wrestlers to pursue successful careers outside of the ring.

Johnson and Cena can now look back at those days and share a laugh together as both of them are fully focused on their Hollywood careers now. Would you like to see them back inside the ring? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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