WWE legend predicts Judgement Day to kick out Finn Balor if he loses to Seth Rollins at MIB: “Not be for long in that group”

The Judgment Day is all set to compete in the upcoming premium live event Money in the Bank 2023. Dominik Mysterio is scheduled to face Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, Finn Balor is set to have Seth Rollins in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Like every year the traditional MITB ladder match will also take place where Damian Priest has a chance to become Mr. MITB 2023.

In the past couple of weeks, the WWE Universe also witness some tensions among the members of Judgment Day. Recently former WWE manager Dutch Mantell reveals that he thinks Balor could be kicked out of Judgment Day in the upcoming premium live event.

Should Judgement Day kick out Finn Balor?

The former WWE manager revealed that he thinks the company can also build hype for the same throughout the show by stretching the angle.

He stated, “Not no, but hell no. He’s not beating Seth. But what they’ll do, I think, they’ll add Damian Priest and build on their dissension because it looks like Finn may not be for long in that group.”

“They’ll need a reason for him to be out, and this will be a great reason, and they could kind of continue it after Dominik’s match, too. I mean, it starts here, and then it goes to the next match, where they don’t get along, and then the next match with Cody, that’s when you get the fireworks,” he added.

It seems like the former manager wants WWE to pull out something that fans are not expecting because, from the recent tease, it appears like Damian will be kicked out not Balor. 

So if this move takes place then it will be a shocker for the WWE Universe and also it seems like it will help Balor again to rejuvenate his singles carrier.

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins match predictions

The former Universal champion is on the edge of another opportunity to become the World Champion in the company. The last time Balor become Champion, he got immediately injured at the hands of Seth Rollins which led to him relinquishing the championship on the next day.

Finn Balor

Money in the Bank 2023 seems to be a revenge spot for the Demon King as he has the chance to dethrone The Visionary Seth Freaking! Rollins. For those who don’t know, Money in the Bank 2023 is set to take place on July 1 at O2 Arena, London UK.


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