Days after Teofimo Lopez announces retirement George Kambosos calls out former champ: “Going to be war”

Teofimo Lopez stunned the boxing community two weeks ago, ending Josh Taylor’s undefeated streak. Following his retirement, George Kambosos Jr, his arch-enemy called him out. 

Lopez, who had been considering a duel with his friend Shakur Stevenson, reportedly startled everyone by announcing his retirement following the triumph.

Why did Teofimo Lopez retire?

The WBO World Super-Lightweight Title was at stake, but the Scottish boxer was unable to defend his 140-pound title against Lopez in Madison Square Garden. The American boxer, who prevailed in the 12-round contest by majority decision, announced his surprise retirement on Instagram.

“I’m not here to do deals with the devil. What a relief! Retired at the Top. Thank you, Boxing for the amazing life you’ve provided for myself and my entire loved ones! ” Teofimo said. 

A week later, on Sunday in an appearance at the “The Porter Way Podcast,” Teofimo expressed details regarding his retirement decision and what he exactly has in his mind. 

“I have a lot of things in mind for the sport of boxing. And I really can’t do that if I’m always in the gym training and preparing for another upcoming fight or bout. So I’m really just focusing on that task right now.” Lopez said. 

However, the 25-year-old boxer isn’t retiring for a lifetime rather he has tons of other plans in his mind. According to the light welterweight boxer, the only way to get him back in the ring is a nine-figure contract deal.

“The Takeover” believes he has helped ESPN make over a hundred million dollars. Hence he should be getting paid a million dollars to fight. According to Lopez, other fighters have not even done a quarter of what he has done and accomplished in the sport but still, they’re getting millions of dollars.

Teofimo Lopez vs George Kambosos rivalry

In November 2021, Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. Square off in a highly anticipated showdown at Madison Square Garden. The clash between them arose from their shared desire to claim the world championship title in the lightweight division.

Their rivalry had escalated to a point where it spilled over into public discourse and social media, with both fighters resorting to derogatory language towards each other. 

Lopez, who had been on an impressive winning streak, saw his reign coming to an end at the hands of George Kambosos Jr.

Do you think Teofimo Lopez will be making a comeback in the ring anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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