WWE rumors rounded up for the day

Lately, there has been a lot happening in the WWE, like the rumor of Vince McMahon selling the biggest wrestling promotion to Saudi Arabia or the appearance of Kane at the 30th anniversary episode of Raw on January 23. Let’s take a look at today’s WWE rumor.

Update on WWE sale 

Vince Mcmahon
Vince Mcmahon to Saudi Arabia (Credit: Twitter)

The rumor surfaced Tuesday night that WWE is being sold to Saudi Arabia’s PIF, but many journalists have stated that there has been no deal finalized between the two parties as WWE is exploring the possibilities of the contract. 

However, it is rumored that when the current WWE chairman, Vince McMohan, retires in July, the deal will take place. But it is reported that Vince is working calmly in the office on the PIF contract.

Nick Khan’s involvement in the WWE sale

Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan (Credit: Getty)

American Conrad Thompson claimed that Nick Khan was offered a lofty amount if he could help transfer the ownership of WWE to KSA.

If the sale negotiation is successful, it will impact the stock market.

Fighters to leave WWE

As Sean Ross Sapp tweeted, there is a high possibility of fighters leaving WWE if the ownership of the promotion changes.

“There have been multiple wrestlers who have told me they’d leave WWE if the company ends up being Saudi Arabia-led.”

X-Pac, Kane is to return on the 30th-anniversary episode of Raw

Chavo couldn’t last beyond 11 seconds! (Credit: WWE)

X-Pac, Kane, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and Tatanka are scheduled to make their appearances on the 30th-anniversary episode of Raw; they all teased their returns on their social media handles or in an interview.

New WWE vice president 

William Regal
William Regal on AEW (Credit: AEW)

According to PWinsider William Regal is the newly appointed Vice President of Global Talent Development at WWE. It is reported that he has started working according to his role but could be able to make television appearances due to his previous contract with AEW.

These are the top five WWE rumors today.


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