WWE Throwback: Why did Triple H retire 24/7 Championship after Nikki Cross win?

A year ago today, the answer to the biggest concern surrounding RAW was finally revealed: the WWE 24/7 Championship would be be discontinued in 2022. The elimination of Triple H’s beloved division and championship after more than three years has been met with mixed reactions from fans.

A WWE insider claims that Triple H never really considered challenging for the championship. The creative emphasis wasn’t there, although it did provide some humorous moments during live events. Triple H’s silence on the subject of the title’s future led some to assume that he had decided not to pursue it further.

Why did Triple H retire 24/7 Championship after Nikki Cross win?

In the last year, when Triple H has been in control of WWE’s creative choices, the company’s events have improved greatly. After Nikki Cross won and threw the WWE 24/7 championship belt on live TV, the title and division were unexpectedly eliminated.

Three years after its introduction, WWE no longer features the 24/7 title, which Triple H abolished in July 2022. On November 7th, defender Dana Brooke attempted to retain it, but Cross ultimately prevailed. The retirement of the championship was subsequently announced by WWE.

Before now, the 24/7 Title has only been defended in live events, and not on television, since July. Reggie, Tozawa, and Tamina were seldom seen in subsequent WWE shows. This shift corresponded with Triple H seizing control of creative direction.

Even while WWE hasn’t acknowledged the title’s status, rumors say it was removed on purpose. The loss of this famous title and division, which provided RAW with humorous moments for over four years, has prompted responses from fans. Its entertainment value was boosted significantly by the participation of R-Truth and Dana Brooke.

What is WWE 24/7 Championship?

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley announced the WWE 24/7 Championship on a Monday Night RAW after the Money in the Bank event on May 20, 2019. It looks a lot like the Hardcore Championship from back in the day. RAW now has eleven titles to its name. Mick stated, “Let’s make Monday nights Raw again,” inviting all superstars to participate regardless of their location.

Compared to Roman Reigns’ belts, the 24/7 championship may not seem like much, but it serves as more than just window dressing. If that belt is on TV, something significant is occurring, whether it’s a double wedding or someone being pinned on an aircraft. The championship is always up for grabs.

WWE 24/7 Championship

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