Year after taunting Lionel Messi, Al Hilal defender Ali Albulayhi takes aim at Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the most popular household names in football. However, there could be few who aren’t here to fanboy over either of them. Al Hilal defender Ali Albulayhi is definitely one of them. Cristiano Ronaldo has taken Saudi Arabia by storm, but Albulayhi is not someone affected by it, and in turn, he has taken a dig at the Portuguese international.

Al Hilal and Al Nassr played the Riyadh derby in the Saudi Pro League, which resulted in Ronaldo’s team being humbled 3-0. Ronaldo was in the mix, but for the wrong reasons, as Albulayhi took aim at him. Surprisingly, the Al Hilal defender also taunted Lionel Messi, who was considered by Al Hilal last year, during Saudi Arabia’s game against Argentina in the World Cup. 

Ali Abdulayhi taunts Cristiano Ronaldo

Not many have the courage and the guts to go face-to-face with Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in exchange for words, but Ali Albulayhi seems to be built differently. The Al Hilal star has taken digs at both Messi and Ronaldo in a span of just a year. 

Tempers were flaring high in the top-of-the table clash between Al Hilal and Al Nassr, which also resulted in a few clashes. Ali Albulayhi was seen sledging and in a verbal altercation with Cristiano Ronaldo after the latter accused the Al Hilal defender of diving. 

Their antics towards each other continued throughout the match, and later, Albulayhi was seen taunting Ronaldo by acting to look for him and saying, “maybe he is still in Luxembourg.”

Albulayhi also taunted Messi during Saudi Arabia’s win against Argentina during the World Cup by shouting “you will not win” at him, funnily for Messi to win the World Cup in the end. However, it can be concluded that Albulayhi is not the biggest fan of the GOATs and would not have enjoyed the rumored Inter Miami – Al Nassr game if it had been played later this year. 

Ronaldo’s response to Messi chant by Al Hilal fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has sometimes been of a bitter nature towards instances involving Messi, be it the Ballon d’Ors of 2021 and 2023 or the comparison of Saudi Pro League to the MLS. However, Al Hilal fans took full advantage of Ronaldo’s already-triggered temper by chanting Messi’s name.

Ronaldo, however, did not fall for it and, in turn, responded very calmly by blowing kisses to the majority of home fans. The entire stadium chanted Messi’s name to taunt Ronaldo, only for the Al Nassr attacker to walk out in a calm manner. 

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