Years after injury-plagued comeback, Klay Thompson’s contract talks with Warriors raise questions about future

Golden State Warriors shooting guard and one of the “Splash Brothers”, Klay Thompson, is not only a lethal shooter but a deadly defender as well. Popular for his 3-point shooting abilities, he is regarded as one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA.

He has proven to be a valuable piece for the Warriors and helped them win four championships playing alongside great players like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala. Klay is a beloved figure among Dubs fans, but it remains uncertain if the franchise would welcome tying him up with contract extension for the coming seasons.

Thompson’s contract future with Warriors is uncertain

Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are an ideal pair, still Klay’s future with the Warriors is uncertain. Anthony Slater, a senior writer who covers the Golden State for The Athletic briefed, “No official offers or counteroffers have been made between Klay Thompson, Warriors for extension. There isn’t a rush from either side, and there isn’t a deadline. It could theoretically be done in-season.”

The Warriors sharpshooter shooter Klay Thompson has one-year and $43.2 million left on his max deal that he signed in 2019, leaving him as an unrestricted free agent next offseason unless he and the franchise agree to a new extension.

Stephen A Smith on the NBA countdown show praised Klay saying, “You can’t lose Klay Thompson um Klay Thompson is one of the top 5 shooters in the history of basketball”

He also mentioned that Klay had made 300 three-point shots this year and was the third player to achieve that. Stephen Curry and James Harden were the other two. Klay also averaged 3.3 catch and shoot threes this year, most in a season by any player over the last 10 years according to second Spectrum tracking. Letting Klay go might be like letting go of Gol D. Roger’s treasure after finding it.

What kind of injury did Klay Thompson have

Klay Thompson’s career has been plagued by injuries. During the third quarter of game 6 of the 2019 NBA finals, he attempted to dunk the ball, got fouled by Danny Green and landed with his entire weight on his left leg thus injuring it.

He was seen screaming in pain. Later after an MRI it was revealed that Thompson had suffered a torn left ACL

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Then on November 18, 2020, during an offseason workout, Thompson suffered another injury. ESPN’S Adrian Wojnarowski reported a torn right Achilles. His performances have somewhat not been the same since then, but he still continues to be a valuable asset for the Warriors.

In the world of sports, injuries are one of the most common but biggest problems. They can limit a player’s abilities to a great extent. Fans would be happy to see a healthy Klay Thompson play for the GSW if that’s what both Klay and the Warriors desire.

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