“Yes, we shave” NBA, NFL broadcaster Erin Andrews’ shocking revelation behind always looking fresh & clean

Female journalists are always in highlight for their excellent professional charming careers. People always focus on their faces most of the time. Recently, NBA NFL broadcaster Erin Andrews gave a statement on a personal matter.

In the realm of sports commentary, Erin Andrews is a power to reckon with. Erin has established herself as a top sports reporter by covering the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Erin has been working in this industry for so long that it is not inaccurate to call her a seasoned pro. In addition, Erin has launched her own podcast with Charissa Thompson to further her relationship with her audience.

Fans of “Calm Down With Erin & Charissa” have already seen some of the show’s best work. Erin had already apologized deeply on-air, but the episode’s backstory ended up receiving more coverage than her sincere words.

When Erin interviewed Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, she did so with a few cheek hairs protruding. While she was unaware of the cheek hair, she had spoken with a few players.

The ‘cheek hair’ event went viral, and many viewers were taken aback to see their favorite host apologize. Recently, on another episode, Erin and Charissa brought up the subject of facial hair once again, and as is to be expected, people heard yet another wild anecdote about it.

Erin said, “I do shave my face sometimes.” She added, “I get mine done at a facialist and I have noticed that when I get it done, my face gets numb for like a week or so. It’s a weird sensation.”

However the tale of Charissa’s facial hair removal was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Erin’s response was wild.

She said that she had been using some kind of gimmicky device that “opened up the pores on her cheeks” in the past. She ultimately settled on a Bic razor.

Erin’s eyes widened and she raised her palm in the air as she was struck speechless by Charissa’s words. Charissa continued by saying that she has become quite skilled at this over the years and that the results always leave her feeling revitalized.

As debates like this promote inclusivity and help break down the ‘wall’ that often gets constructed between viewers and celebrities, fans were glad to see the two presenters freely addressing matters like these.



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