“You f—ing loser” Chargers’ OLB Joey Bosa goes on explicit rant toward heckling Eagles fan

Joey Bosa of the Los Angeles Chargers came to Lincoln Financial Field yesterday to watch his brother Nick Bosa play for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game.

The charger got knocked out of the NFL wild-card game against the Jacksonville Jaguars two weeks ago. As a result, the chargers’ OLB had the opportunity to support his brother and watch the game peacefully, but he was catcalled by a Philadelphia Eagles fan just outside the stadium.

joey bosa
Eagles fans roasted Bosa for the Chargers’ embarrassing loss to the Jaguars and the fines he accrued from the game. (credit: Instagram)

However, Joey, who is known for his aggressive and insensitive attitude, doesn’t back down from the taunting of rival fans.

What did Joey Bosa say in response to the taunts from an Eagles fan?

As the 27-year-old was standing outside of the facility with his group of 49ers fans, an Eagles fan approached him, yelling his name and pointing at him. The whole incident was captured on the fan’s camera, which was revealed later.

The fan was screaming and provoking Joey, and at one point he lost his patience when the heckler asked him about the Chargers’ schedule this week. “Are you snapchatting your little ba*#*rd buddies, you fu*#*ng loser?” Bosa was enraged.

But this doesn’t seem to discourage the fan, as he kept going, “How are those fines Bosa?” Bosa again turned at him and snapped, “They’re good because I can afford them because I’m fu*#*ng rich, you broke ba*#*rd.”

Previously, Bosa was fined heavily for his unsportsmanlike behavior, in addition to his loss in the wild-card round, and yesterday, he witnessed another loss for his brother’s team, the 49ers, and the row with a stranger must have touched some nerve.

The San Diego Chargers selected the former defensive rookie of the year with the third overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. After an outstanding rookie season, he transferred to Los Angeles and was named to the Pro Bowl four times.


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