17-year-old Kobe Bryant’s emotional speech resurfaces, showing NFL icon “dribbling himself to sleep” since he was “not invited to any parties”

A recently resurfaced video revealed a vulnerable side of the late Kobe Bryant, the legendary NBA player. The video records a passionate speech delivered by a 17-year-old Bryant, shining light on the terrible consequences of being ostracised from social events during his early years.

This revelation has struck a chord with fans because it exposes the heartbreaking reality of a sports legend who sought solace in basketball, “dribbling” himself “to sleep” in the lack of invitations to any “parties”.

Kobe Bryant dribbled himself to sleep since he was never asked to parties

The year 1984 is notable for NBA fans since it is the year the Chicago Bulls drafted Michael Jordan as the third overall pick. However, the same year saw a significant change in the life of Jordan’s most ardent follower. Kobe Bryant’s father, Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant, transferred the family to Italy for his professional basketball career with Sebastiani Rieti.

At the age of six, Neo was engaged in the unusual experience of being a black youngster in a small Italian village. Despite the cultural differences, he relished his stay in Europe, especially the chance to see his father’s games live.

When the Bryant family returned to America after Joe’s retirement, the dynamic shifted radically, providing a tremendous cultural shock for thirteen-year-old Kobe. Bridging the gap between himself and his peers became a difficult effort, negatively damaging his social life throughout high school.

Nonetheless, basketball became his haven. A seventeen-year-old Ocho painfully recounted in an unearthed video how he was never invited to parties, remembering nights spent dribbling himself to sleep in his rec room.

These lonely hours, however, increased his desire and determination to become the best basketball player he could be. The solitude fueled the Mamba mindset that would define Mamba’s legend. He adapted to the culture with time, but his unwavering work ethic and dedication to his trade remained.

Despite losing out on social occasions, Mamba found a way to create a balance by devoting himself to both basketball and social commitments on occasion. The famous Laker Kobe Bryant’s narrative shows the enduring force of his passion and the influence of those solitary times in the gym.

Which Team Drafted Kobe Bryant at the 1996 NBA Draft?

Despite his legendary tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers, it is sometimes forgotten that Kobe Bryant was not drafted by the team. Bryant was taken 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draught. The Lakers, on the other hand, had a pre-arranged arrangement with the Hornets to draught Bryant on their behalf. The Lakers sent Vlade Divac to the Hornets in exchange for the promising young player. This deal demonstrated the Lakers’ belief in Bryant’s great potential.

Even at the juvenile age of 18, Jerry West, the Lakers’ president at the time, recognized Bryant as a genuinely remarkable athlete. West was deeply impressed by his dominance on the court against seasoned opponents. Given Mamba’s exceptional skill set and mental toughness, other clubs’ decision to pass on him perplexed him.

Following that, on August 25, 1996, Bryant signed a rookie contract with the Lakers worth $3.5 million, kicking off a historic 20-year career with the team. His time in Los Angeles would be distinguished by tremendous accomplishments, including five NBA titles, several individual honors, and an unflinching devotion to excellence that sealed his place among the game’s all-time greats.


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