“I was locked in to each second I played”: Kelly Oubre Jr. talks candidly on Hornets’ future amidst free agency rumours

The Charlotte Hornets are facing an intriguing offseason, as they will have to make several crucial decisions, one of which pertains to Kelly Oubre Jr. The 27-year-old swingman is set to become an unrestricted free agent after the current season ends, and the Hornets will have to determine whether they want to re-sign him or let him walk away.

Oubre has already expressed his desire to remain with the Hornets, despite the ups and downs he has experienced over the past couple of years with the team. The 27 years old feels that he has given his all every time he has suited up, and while he is happy with his first two seasons in Charlotte, he is not satisfied.

“The first two seasons here I would say I’m happy with them, [but] I’m not satisfied… I just can only pray and just hope that everything falls together so we can keep this band together.” said Oubre.

negotiate a new deal with the team. It remains to be seen whether the Hornets will be willing to meet his salary demands, especially since they have other key decisions to make in the offseason.

If the Hornets decide not to re-sign Oubre, it is possible that he has already played his last game in a Charlotte uniform. This would undoubtedly be disappointing for Hornets fans, who have come to appreciate Oubre’s contributions to the team.

In conclusion, the Hornets have a lot to consider regarding Kelly Oubre Jr.’s future with the team. While the Hornets star has expressed his desire to stay, the team will need to weigh the financial cost of retaining him against their other off-season priorities. Regardless of the outcome, Hornets fans are hoping that Oubre’s tenure with the team will not come to an end just yet.

Kelly Oubre Jr: To Pay or Not to Pay? The Charlotte Hornets’ Dilemma

Kelly Oubre Jr’s future with the Charlotte Hornets remains uncertain as he approaches free agency this summer. While the 27-year-old wingman has expressed his desire to stay with the team long-term, the Hornets have a reputation for being reluctant to pay their free agents during free agency.

Oubre has been a key player for the Hornets this season, averaging 20.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.4 steals per game with a TS% of 53.2%. He has demonstrated versatility in his scoring, taking advantage of an increased role and recording 22 games of 20+ point performances in just 44 games played.

Despite missing over two months due to a hand injury, Oubre has made a significant impact since returning to the starting lineup. He has been a positive influence on the team, displaying passion and energy on the court.

While it remains unclear how much Oubre’s contract will be worth and if the Hornets are willing to pay it, they should consider doing everything they can to re-sign him. Oubre’s contributions this season have been one of the few positives for the team, and his desire to stay in Charlotte long-term should be taken into consideration. The Hornets will need to make some important decisions this summer, but retaining Oubre would be a significant step towards building a winning team.


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