$350 million discount in Tom Brady’s reported Raiders potential ownership offer raises eyebrows among NFL peers

The former legendary Patriots and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady is making the most out of his retirement life from NFL. Amidst all the news gigs going on for him, the seven-time Super Bowl winner is not new to controversial exposures.

Tom Brady has invested in ownership stakes across various franchises in the sports verse, the WNBA included. Brady recently fell under the bitterness from NFL peers regarding the giant discount he has received over the Raiders ownership.

NFL owners disapprove of Brady’s discounted Raiders ownership

With news being out about Tom Brady’s potential ownership of Las Vegas Raiders, owners have been found being hesitant over approving his stake, but for valid reasons from their standpoint.

Although it is true that, ownership shares in sports teams that don’t possess voting rights are offered at a discounted rate, Mark Davis’ offer to Tom Brady is unusually magnanimous.

Tom Brady and Mark Davis
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Mark Davis, the owner of Las Vegas Raiders, reportedly offered 10% ownership of Raiders with just $175 million which undervalues it’s worth and especially for a figure so well-off like Tom Brady. This take does not set a good example for others out there because Brady can offer more.

On Wednesday, Colts owner Jim Irsay stated that, “We’re trying to work it through. The number just has to be a reasonable number for purchase price from Tom, is the only thing. If reasonable value says . . . that 10 percent should be $525 million, you can’t pay $175 million.”

Irsay, who is one of the seven owners that comprise the committee, conveys that, this 10% of the team is estimated to be about worth about $525 million. In that sense, Brady’s $175 million is far from decent for the investment.

Boston Globe’s Ben Volin stated that even though initial news about Brady’s affiliation with Fox Sports did not seem to be a problem, now it seems to be a complicated factor. Volin wrote, “a league source also said that Brady’s deal to become the lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports in 2024 is complicating the purchase, as not everyone in the league is comfortable with a minority team owner also broadcasting games.”

Bearing the awkward turn of event in mind, part of Brady’s deal might potentially include him working at Las Vegas Raiders which would make him calling Fox Sports games even more unpleasant.

What investments does Tom Brady have?

It goes without saying that the retired NFL star has a lot going on for him after taking an exit from the football battleground. Tom Brady’s ambitions mostly revolve around augmenting his corporate reach. Brady has made bits of investments here and there beside the Las Vegas Raiders.

For instances, briefly after announcing his minor plans with Raiders, news of Tom Brady’s $44 million investment in Birmingham City circulated. After visiting for the first time, the athlete absolutely fell in love with the place.

Additionally, Tom Brady has recently joined the E1 World Championship as a team owner. It is the groundbreaking all-electric race boat competition where along with Brady, Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aokialso shook hands with him, alongside other high-profile personalities.

What are your thoughts on Tom Brady’s extensive business investments? Share with us below.

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