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5 takeaways from Boston Celtics pivotal Game 3 victory over Golden State Warriors in NBA Finals 2022

The Boston Celtics came back strongly in Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors after suffering a defeat in Game 2. Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown’s stellar performance altogether outscored the Warriors by a margin of 116-100.

Celtics was in the cockpit of the game, dominating the first quarter courtesy of Jaylen Brown’s speedy start. Stephen Curry and Klay Thomson tried their level best to hold the game for Golden State, but they maybe suffered one man shortage because of the Draymond Green’s awful stats in the game.

Warriors tried to hold up the match till the third quarter, but the all along performance by the Celtics left the Dubs trailing by a margin of 16 points before the end of the Game at their home court.

The win in Game 3 left the Warriors trailing the series with the Celtics by 2-1. However, they have chances ahead to comeback in the game 4 scheduled to be on Friday. Let’s look at five takeaways from Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

#1 Boston Celtics Playing it all Along

Celtics’ players seemed they just wanted to play the Game 3 more, which was apparent by their all along team performance taking the game away from the Warriors.

Before the Finals were in court all the predictions favored the Warriors and Dubs came to win another championship as favorites but it was only before yesterday’s game 3. Celtics shown that they are in no way less claimant of the title of the championship.

Celtics players were dominating apparently over the Dubs everywhere on the court, starting from the blocking the Dubs, winning every loose balls while the Dubs were waiting and watching around.

In the glass also, they Celtics were the absolute dominant of the game outscoring the Dubs by 16 with a whopping 15 offensive rebounds showed how they deserve to win the game.

#2 Draymond Green’s Pale Stats

Draymond’s shining like a diamond performance gifted the Warriors victory levelling the series in Game 2 at Chase Center, but in TD Garden yesterday he was probably lost somewhere. 

Draymond Green was not been in his shadow and the performance he showed is not acceptable from a three time champion that too in another NBA Finals. Man, what went wrong with the guy? Fans also couldn’t believe what they witnessed yesterday.

The future hall of famer had just 2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 turnovers, 1-of-4 shooting performance in Game 3 which he probably didn’t think of in his worst nightmare. 

#3 Stephen Curry Continues His Form

Steph Curry has almost everything in his showcase without a Finals MVP, which he is seemingly determined to achieve this time. Since Game 1 of the Finals Curry has been the only constant in amidst the ups and downs of the warriors.

Curry opened the first half with 14 points, and alone scored 15 in the third quarter the only time he took the Warriors to lead the game. Before joining the bench with 3 minutes left Curry hauled 31 points in Game 3 making his Finals average 31.3 points in three games he played.

This could have been a game stealing performance, the the thing Curry missed is probably the lack of company from Draymond Green.

#4 Jaylen Brown’s Cameo

Jayson Tatum was in the focus for the Celtics, but what Jaylen Brown showed in yesterday’s Game 3 is just incredible.  Jaylen Brown’s early blow in the first quarter with staggering 17 points put the Celtics in the steering of the game.

Brown was the top gun for the Celtics in the match scoring 27 points with 9 rebounds and 5 assist. Brown and Tatum alone put the Celtics way ahead of the Warriors combining together for 53 points, 15 rebounds and 14 assists.

#5 Wiping away the Favorites

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Players after Winning Game 3 (Courtesy: Getty Images)

It was only before the starting of the Finals, the Warriors took all the limelight alone being the favorites of 2022 NBA Finals. Boston Celtics are now going to play the 4th game of the Finals with a 2-1 lead surely make them tougher even more.

Celtics have proved that the Warriors were favorite only in the papers, showing their ability in the court.

Though one game can’t control the fate of the finals, Warriors will be definitely down to start the 4th game without Stephen Curry, who’s been the only constant throughout the Finals and now in fear of missing the game 4 due to an injury.

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