“He did a lot of damage to my career right that’s not fair” Daniel Cormier holds grudge on Jon Jones for ruining his legacy

Former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier is one of the best fighters to ever grace the octagon. He won and defended the light heavyweight and the heavyweight titles simultaneously despite being an “undersized” fighter when compared to his peers.  

DC has a stellar MMA and amateur wrestling record, he stands at 22-3 with 2 of those losses coming at the hands of former heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic while the other one was to Jon Jones back in 2015.

Later on, Cormier got his head kicked into oblivion by Jones in their second fight but that loss was scrapped from the record books because Jon was tested positive for illegal drugs.

But the defeats against Jones were detrimental to Cormier’s image and fighting career. Firstly, Jones took his undefeated record and blemished it. As Jonny Bones was an immensely popular fighter, the majority of the UFC fanbase took his side and trashed Daniel Cormier while labeling him as the villain in the feud.

Jones and DC got into heated verbal confrontations and real-life altercations during the buildup to both their fights. Cormier was vilified and trolled online for crying in the post-fight interview!

Here is the video of Daniel Cormier crying after losing to Jon Jones in their rematch:

In the buildup to UFC 275, DC was asked if the animosity he held towards Jon Jones has faded over the years. Cormier stated that the amount of damage Jones did to his career was irreversible and that kind of heated rivalry would not fade anytime soon.

DC moved up to heavyweight after losing twice to Jones and captured the UFC heavyweight strap from Stipe Miocic only to lose his championship status yet again! Cormier finally retired from professional fighting in 2020, but apparently still holds a grudge over Jon Jones for tainting his legacy.

Here is the clip where DC talks about his grudge against Jon Jones and much more:


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