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“I like his Old School Samurai vibe” Israel Adesanya heaps praise Jiri Prochazka’s unique fighting style ahead of Glover Teixeira bout at UFC 275

Israel Adesanya

“The Last Stylebender” is the moniker chosen by UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and it captures his unique fighting style perfectly.

Izzy switches stances and throws question marks kicks as if they were easy maneuvers to pull off! Stybender is undefeated at middleweight and it is because of his sheer range and tenacity as a kickboxer.

Israel Adesanya styles on his opponents and gets his wins in spectacular fashion! Right after knocking rival Paulo Costa out, Izzy broke out a dance number right next to his fallen opponent! Here’s the clip:

YouTube video

Adesanya’s style may be unparalleled and unique, but he has heaped a ton of praise on light heavyweight contender Jiri Prochazka for having an “old school Samurai vibe”. 

Jiri Prochazka is truly a one-of-a-kind fighter. He has had a meteoric rise to the top of the UFC just after two fights with the organization. Prochazka lives by the “Bushido” code, an old Samurai lifestyle code that gives him a spiritual outlook on martial arts.

Adesanya was referring to Prochazka’s life of living in the forest and using a katana for practice. Prochazka is truly one of the rare fighters in the modern world to live completely by an ancient code for Japanese warriors.

Here is a clip of Jiri Prochazka having the lifestyle of an ancient samurai:

YouTube video

Jiri Prochazka will be facing Glover Texeira at UFC 275 in Singapore to become the undisputed light heavyweight champion! A division in which Israel Adesanya once dipped his toes in (unsuccessfully). If Jiri does manage to capture the title, is there a chance of the last Stylebender clashing with the Czech samurai? Absolutely!

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