“I feel compelled to speak up on behalf of herb” Chael Sonnen defends Herb Dean against Jorge Masvidal’s accusation of biased officiating

UFC star Chael Sonnen is one of the smoothest talkers to ever grace the sport! Sonnen talked before, during, and after fights! His mouth was always running and it earned him title shot after title shot against the likes of Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

Chael’s gift of the gab is the main reason why he is so popular amongst the MMA faithful. Here is a compilation of Chael Sonnen’s best moments on the mic:

Since retiring from fighting, “The Bad Guy” has stayed relevant through his social media and Youtube presence. Most recently, the former middleweight contender has taken up the responsibility to become the voice of the voiceless.

Chael Sonnen has defended UFC referee Herb Dean against allegations of biased refereeing by none other than Jorge Masvidal. To be noted, there is a rule in mixed martial arts that forbids judges and referees (figures who can influence fight results) from talking to any kind of media or press.

Sonnen is irked by the fact that referees cannot defend themselves from such accusations as they do not have access to media. If a fighter accuses a referee of malpractice, the public and professional image of that particular person is tainted.

“I feel compelled to speak about this as Herb can’t” remarked Sonnen in the latest episode of his YouTube talk show ‘Bad Guy Inc.’ Chael refuted Masvidal’s comments and said that Gamebred was looking for excuses for his loss to Colby Covington. Herb Dean is one of, if not the best active MMA referees in the world of MMA according to Chael.

Here is the clip of Sonnen talking about the Herb Dean-Jorge Masvidal situation:


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