Brock Lesnar returns in UFC? – Dana White reveals his dream UFC Fight Card

UFC president Dana White has done it all! He has revolutionized the sport of MMA and made his promotion the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) the biggest in the world. According to his own words, he has “made every fight ever that was possible to make!”. 

But Dana has one dream fight he regrets he could not make, the clash of arguably the most popular MMA heavyweights: Fedor Emelianenko and Brock Lesnar! If the fight was to happen back in the day, it would have for sure broken all kinds of PPV and attendance records for an MMA event.

Fedor Emelianenko is regarded as the great heavyweight in the history of mixed martial arts. Fedor aka “The Last Emperor” has a record of 40 victories with only 6 defeats with the losses coming very late in his career. Fedor had a tremendous undefeated streak of 27 pro MMA fights! He is truly the Emperor amidst kings in the heaviest division!

Brock Lesnar on the other hand did not have a very long MMA career, due to coming into the sport at a later age and health-related problems. But in his short career of just 8 professional fights, Brock Lesnar won and defended his UFC heavyweight title twice! The blitz wrestling and vicious take downs of Lesnar made him a force to be reckoned with.

If Lesnar did not have a bout of lethal diverticulitis in 2009, the dominance could have continued for a long time. Brock Lesnar’s career was shortened after he returned from stomach surgery and got kneed in that area by Alastair Overeem at UFC 141.

Dana’s regret is shared by almost all MMA fans, as Fedor Emelianenko is one of the greatest to have never fought under the UFC banner. Fedor and Brock were both in their fighting primes during the late 2000s and the fight could have happened very easily if the Russian did not repeatedly turn down approaches from the UFC.

Can the Brock vs Fedor fight still happen? The chances are very slim as Brock has been retired from MMA for almost 6 years while Fedor is under contract with UFC’s rival promotion, Bellator MMA.

Here is Dana talking about his biggest regret and much more in an interview with Laura Sanko:



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