76ers PG Patrick Beverly believes Russell Westbrook’s nickname Westbrick’ to be unfair, alleging NBA All-Star has shattered “every f’cking record”

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have become quite close since Pat Bev’s journey with the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, the Philadelphia 76er’s point guard defended his friend Russell Westbrook from the criticism he is receiving from the fans. Westbrook is having a rough time lately and is being trolled and criticized over the internet, he even has been nicknamed “Westbrick”.

Before this friendship, Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook had a rivalry that started back when they faced each other in game 2 of the first-round playoff series. Pat Bev was playing for the Houston Rockets and Westbrook was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But this rivalry soon turned into friendship when Beverley was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Patrick Beverly backs Russel Westbrook

Pat Bev is one of the most vocal stars in the NBA. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinion on matters and doesn’t care much about the consequences. He recently backed Mr. Triple Double on the Gilbert Arenas show and talked about how amazing Westbrook is. He even argued about the fans giving Westbrook the nickname “Westbrick.”

The enforcer of the 76ers said, “He broke the record for triple-doubles off the bench in half a season. No one is even talking about it. It’s the craziest thing in the world. The man has broken every f****** record, and people are just, ‘He a buma**.’ Beverley then defended Westbrook on his nickname by saying, “He shot 41, 42% from three, and people call him ‘Westbrick.’ How?”

Pat’s claim must be a bit overstretch for people to see as it is not a fact. He claimed Westbrook to have shot 42% from three but the former Lakers star shot 29.6% behind the arc with the Lakers. The nine-time All-Star shot 35.6% from downtown with the Clippers but he’s nowhere near the 40% claim by Beverley. However, this doesn’t mean the fans can disrespect the 2016-17 MVP as his stats are still very impressive.

How did Russell Westbrook get the nickname, West Brick’?

The “Westbrick” nickname has been a nightmare for Russell Westbrook as he once openly stated that he didn’t like the nickname and felt that it was disrespectful. The name originally was used by Skip Bayless, an American sports commentator and analyst. He used the word to criticize Westbrook for his shooting ability and said that the former Lakers star’s jump shots were “bricks,”  and that he was “bricking” shots, hence the name “Westbrick” came about.

The nickname was caught on by other fans and critics which caused the frequent usage of it while criticising Westbrook. The idea of the nickname has become a controversial issue as some people believe it is a harmless way of criticizing a player while other people find it disrespectful and demeaning.

Russell Westbrook

What do you think of Patrick Beverley’s defense supporting Russell Westbrook? What are your opinions on the nickname “Westbrick”? We are very eager to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter, so let us know in the comments section.


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