A.J Brown’s Jalen Hurts threat to Eagles to cause trouble in Philadelphia after losing Super Bowl LVII

Quarterbacks and wide receivers are usually the best of friends as they spend most of the time together planning for big games. While the duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce caught the eyes of the fans with their Super Bowl victory over the Eagles, the Philadelphia duo of Jalen Hurts and A.J Brown was not far behind. 

In fact, like Mahomes, Hurts was one of the contenders for the MVP award. However, with his Super Bowl-winning performance, Patrick was undoubtedly the real MVP. Even then, Hurts and Brown came to the Super Bowl with their astonishing partnership. 

A.J Brown
A.J Brown and Jalen Hurts.

Brown, throughout the season, had made 88 receptions, ran 1,496 yards and scored eleven crucial touchdowns. The only issue was his efforts went in vain, as the Eagles could not win the Super Bowl. However, A.J. is looking to repeat this year’s heroic efforts next season, but the wide receiver needs Hurt on his side. 

So, while appearing in the Raw Room podcast, A.J Brown, addressing Eagles team general manager Howie Roseman, made it clear that he will not play for the Eagles unless Hurts is there. 

What did A.J. Brown say and why?

Jalen Hurts’ contract will be over soon, and to remind the team about his fabulous performance A.J Brown goes on to threaten the general manager saying, “If you do not pay this man (Jalen Hurts), just ship me off wherever he finna go.” Brown commits the act so that he and his mate Jalen can continue their astonishing partnership on the field and try to win a Super Bowl in future years. 

After his threatening statement, A.J. adds, “So you talk about pressure? Howie (Roseman) get it done,” as if to say if the general manager does not get it done in time, he will not continue as an Eagle. 

A.J. Brown knows sure how to put people under pressure, whether on or off the field. However, will Roseman “get it done” remain a question mark?

What do you think? Will the Eagle retain Jalen Hurts or not? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “A.J Brown’s Jalen Hurts threat to Eagles to cause trouble in Philadelphia after losing Super Bowl LVII”

  1. If Rosemont kno philly pw what we know know if hurts does not playin Philly they will lose a lot fans so please get the job done thank you

  2. Jalen Hurt has earned his recognition throughout the league. To not have him and AJ Brown continue along with the offensive line(hopefully Jason Kelsey will stay on for one more super bowl season next February) along with most of the defensive line.I feel confident we can repeat what we did last year and go on to to win the superbowl.We have the making of a Dynasty if we stick together as a unit.Offensive and defensive coordinators are important but the players snd their camaraderie is key.


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