Chiefs TE Jody Fortson to pay $4,383 in fine for unnecessary roughness NFL refs missed in Super Bowl LVII

Jody Fortson of the Kansas City Chiefs played back-to-back playoff games after missing the final three games of the regular season in 2022-2023.

The Chiefs didn’t have to rely on Jody much because they had one of the best TEs in Travis Kelce, though he did appear as a substitute in Super Bowl LVII. In the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12, the Chiefs’ TE committed a foul by lowering his helmet before contact.

However, the referees missed the action of the player and didn’t call a penalty, but the NFL has the authority to go on with the disciplinary consequences of the game.

What are the consequences Jody Fortson faced?

the NFL fined the 27 year old $4,383 for unnecessary roughness happened on the super bowl LVII.

Fortson has now won two Super Bowl rings and has yet to make a breakthrough in his career. This season, he played 13 games, scored two touchdowns, and made nine receptions for 108 yards.

In the last game, he made 13 offensive snaps, 24% of the Chiefs’ total contribution. In one of those, the Super Bowl winner roughed up the opponent and got penalized.

Before going undrafted in the 2019 NFL draft, Fortson played for the Valdosta State Blazers as a wide receiver at the college level. He transformed into a tight end while in the practice squad of the Chiefs.


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