Aaron Rodgers’ NFL bonus payout subceeds lowest of expectations

The Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is considered one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. Throughout his career with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers has not only earned accolades like Pro Bowls and Super Bowls but has also made a large fortune in career earnings.

Last year, the quarterback made a big decision and left the Packers to join the Jets. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the quarterback, as it was recently revealed that with the Jets, Rodgers earned historically low NFL bonus payouts.

Aaron Rodgers’ NFL bonus payout hits historical figure

Aaron Rodgers received the lowest performance-based bonus across the entire NFL for the 2023 season. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers earned just $81.14 through the NFL’s performance-based pay system in his first year with the New York Jets.

Schefter explained that the pay system rewards all NFL players based on what their base salary is and on how many snaps they play throughout the season. The players who had low base salaries but played a significant number of snaps usually earn more through this system. 

However, in Aaron Rodgers’ case, his salary was high, but he couldn’t play a significant number of snaps because of a torn Achilles tendon injury. After signing the contract with the Jets, Rodgers only appeared in one game, as after just five minutes of playing, he suffered a season-ending injury.

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After his first game, the QB spent the entire season without participating in any game, resulting in a total of 0.33% snaps in the entire season. However, his base salary was high, and Aaron Rodgers ended up getting the lowest payout. 

However, the Jets and Aaron Rodgers are surely going to work hard next season to make these numbers go up.

Jets’ draft plan revolves around Aaron Rodgers

While Aaron Rodgers couldn’t play last season, he is expected to play in the 2024 season and help the team fulfill the goals they had when they signed the QB. The Jets have a No.10 draft pick but reportedly the team is considering trading their draft pick as they will be focusing on building a team around Aaron Rodgers.

Now, Rodgers is healthy and is entering the second year of his revised $75 million contract. He is also planning to play in the NFL for the next four years, therefore the Jets don’t need a new starter for now.

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It was reported that the Jets are going to trade their No.10 draft pick with a team that has a lower pick but needs a new QB. Getting the No.10 pick from the Jets will benefit any team looking for a new talented starter.

For now, some of the teams that could consider this trade with the Jets are the Vikings, Broncos, and Raiders as they are in the hunt for a new quarterback.

However, the final decision will be made by the Jets as they are expected to get offers from multiple teams. They will surely accept an offer which is going to be beneficial for them as well.

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