Adam Copeland reveals the wrestler with best Spear in the business and it’s not Roman Reigns

Adam Joseph Copeland, better known by his ring name Edge in WWE, is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), along with his friend Christian Cage, where he performs under his real name. Copeland is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

He is a 31-time champion, including 11 world heavyweight championships, making him the most decorated wrestler in WWE history. Recently, Copeland revealed the wrestler with the best spear in the wrestling industry, but that was not any current superstar.

Adam Copeland names best spear in the biz

Copeland’s signature move is the Spear, which is a running tackle performed by charging at an opponent with full force. The Spear has been one of Copeland’s most devastating moves throughout his career, and it has helped him win many matches.

It is also a very visually impressive move, as it looks like Edge is about to launch himself out of the ring when he hits his opponent. Even though Copeland’s Spear is so powerful that it has often knocked out opponents and caused them to bleed, recently he said his spear is not the best.

In a recent interview at Hey! (EW), the rated R superstar was asked if he was the best to deliver a Spear. He said, “I’m gonna go with Rhino”. He also mentioned, “Well, its not a Spear, its a Gore”. Rhyno’s spear is called “gore” because it is a move in which he charges at an opponent and impales them with his horns.

The Spear has become so synonymous with Copeland’s that it is one of the first things that fans think of when they hear his name. It is a move that has made him one of the most feared and respected wrestlers in the world.

Adam Copeland’s finisher before spear

Copeland’s carrier’s best move undoubtedly is Spear. However the Rated R Superstar had multiple finishers during his past time in his wrestling carrier. Before the Spear became Edge’s signature move, he utilized the Edgecution as a devastating finisher. The Edgecution involved booting the opponent in the stomach and then performing a jumping DDT that would send them tumbling to the ground. He used this move from 1998 to 2005.

Copeland Performing his finishers
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Furthermore, he possessed a submission move known as the Edgecator. Even though it wasn’t commonly used, Edge had a powerful submission move that he would execute in I Quit matches. Another popular finisher is the Edge-O-Matic. It continued to be a powerful finishing move in Edge’s repertoire. This maneuver, although seemingly simple, holds significant power by strategically utilizing timing and positioning to deliver a devastating blow.

Edgecution/The Impaler were effective finishers that helped Copeland establish himself as a top star in professional wrestling. However, Copeland eventually transitioned to the Spear as his primary finisher, as it was a more visually impactful and crowd-pleasing move.


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