After Ferrari’s Monza and Singapore GP success, F1 pundit recommends Audi move for Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz has become the apple in the eyes of Tifosi with his recent stints in Monza and Singapore. He climbed the top step in Singapore increasing the hopes and aspirations of a dejected Tifosi who literally were ‘praying’ for this moment ever since the start of this season.

Carlos Sainz’s race decisions and attack strategy has earned him praises from many individuals and F1 experts. He’s the talk of the town with his famous move on Lando Norris to defend against the Silver Arrows in last moments of Singapore GP.

Johnny Herbert urges Carlos Sainz to consider Audi deal

Recently there were rumors about Carlos Sainz joining the newcomer, Audi team in 2026. We don’t know for sure about them if they are really the case for the Spaniard or just baseless news made to cause to a stir.

These rumors reached Johnny Herbert who took an interest in future prospects of Carlos. He immediately put forth his opinion saying,

“Monza was a sign that if he gets it right, he can do it and would fit in well. Just like his father, he has the right mentality. He is very strong in his head and has a very good insight into cars and that is what Audi will need.”

It seems like everyone is speculating about Carlos’ future plans and it’s not surprising considering the fact that Sainz has had some brilliant performances with Ferrari in his tenure.

It is important to note on the other hand that, in spite of such rumors, a shift to Audi means, he will either risk staying out of the 2025 season or will try to go for a contract extension with Ferrari until 2025.

According to thesportsrush however, a member from his team quoted, “Plan A is Ferrari, Palan B is Ferrari and Plan C is Ferrari”. This emphasizes on his loyalty towards Ferrari making the shift quite difficult.

Sainz’s recent performances spark hope for Ferrari’s revival

Ferrari’s revival has been a hot topic in the fandom and Carlos Sainz’s recent performance has made him a hero for the Scarlet team. People are anticipating that in coming months he may change the driver preferences with his strong attitude. If both the team and his strategy remain with consistency towards the end of the season, it may even cause him to enter the fray of 2024 title fight (his last year with Ferrari according to his recent contract)

The ‘Smooth Operator’ has come a long way from being the second driver to taking charge in situations. He really seems to have quite aggressive plans for his races and we are all in to watch the drama.

What do you think? Will Sainz be able to change Ferrari’s fate or will he leave for Audi.


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