After UFC 288 fight withdrawal vs Movsar Evloev, UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell brutally calls out undefeated Russian MMA prospect: “I got bigger fish to fry than you”

In the electrifying realm of UFC, where warriors clash and trash talk reigns supreme, Bryce Mitchell has shown that he possesses the perfect blend of fighting prowess and charismatic bravado. This time, he found himself in the crosshairs of the undefeated Russian sensation, Movsar Evloev.

Mitchell, who never backs down from a challenge, answered back with his own special twist, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats and wanting more. The UFC Featherweight division is a raging inferno of explosive talent and unrelenting aggression. It’s a jungle where fighters roar and callouts echo through the virtual halls of social media. In this captivating landscape, Bryce Mitchell has emerged as a fierce contender, embracing every challenge thrown his way.

Bryce Mitchell

Undefeated Russian prospect is Bryce Mitchell’s next ‘fish to fry’

Amidst the sea of contenders, Movsar Evloev set his sights on Mitchell, seeking to prove his worth. In a viral video posted on Twitter, Mitchell craftily responded to Evloev’s callout, blending his love for fishing with a dose of razor-sharp wit. “Hey Movsar, word on the street is that you’re still itching to trade blows with me. Well, lucky for you, I’m on the lookout for someone to dance with. How about we settle this on August 5th in Nashville? But until then, my friend, I’ve got bigger fish to fry than you!”

With those words, Mitchell confidently baited Evloev, showing no signs of trepidation. This epic showdown has endured its fair share of setbacks and near-misses. Twice before, fate tried to bring these warriors together, only to be thwarted by the cruel hand of injury. The ultimate clash, which is expected to be a sight for the ages, has been built up by the warriors’ perseverance.

Why Bryce Mitchell pulled out of fight vs Movsar Evloev at UFC 288 

With the stage set and tensions reaching a boiling point, the UFC universe eagerly awaits word from none other than Dana White, the master orchestrator of the Octagon. Movsar Evloev boasts a flawless record of 17-0-0, while Bryce Mitchell’s impressive 15-2-0 stands as a testament to his fighting prowess. When Mitchell was forced to withdraw due to a back injury and was replaced by Diego Lopes with five days’ notice, their most recent engagement at UFC 288 was canceled.

As the dust settles and anticipation reaches its zenith, the question remains: will the long-awaited clash between Mitchell and Evloev become a reality? Whether these fighters enter the revered Octagon to put their disagreements to rest for and for all, only time will tell. One thing is certain, though: Bryce Mitchell’s hunger for bigger challenges burns brighter than ever, and the entire UFC community eagerly awaits his next explosive move.

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